Wordless Wednesday (on Sat) – Toddler + Nail Polish


No, that isn’t blood… she decided she wanted to paint her leg with nail polish… all over our bed, I might add!  This is Mess with a Capital M.


No children were injured in the making of this Mess….

No, it is not a crime scene – unless Mess making by a 2 year old is punishable by ???

8 Responses to Wordless Wednesday (on Sat) – Toddler + Nail Polish

    • I have REALLY calmed down after our last kids. Chloe is the youngest of 5, so gets the better end of the deal when it comes to my reaction on messes like these. Now, I really try to just breathe and take pictures. The more upset I am, the more I realize that I will want those pictures some day! :)

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