Do Stepmoms Count?

Do Stepmoms Count?

I apologize to those of you that wanted to read this post.  It was brought to my attention that it hurt another’s feelings and I thought it best to remove it since that was never the intention.

I write my blog for a number of reasons, but one of them is catharsis for the pressures and challenges I face as I go about my day to day living.   Of huge emotional impact are my children and any difficulties they or we face.  This includes my 2 stepchildren as well as my biological children.

It is an extremely painful topic and my post was not about pointing fingers or discussing blame.  It was a very personal look at how much we love our kids, all of them, and how helpless I feel as a stepmom to do what I think is right.   There are always 2 sides to any issue and in this case I’d say there are plenty more than that even.   It was never intended as a debate or a he said/she said which is why links were not involved.  It was my feelings, and that’s all.

To those of you that commented,  I can not express how much I value your comments.  Although they are no longer shown, they are still treasured.

To end on a happier note… here are the 5 most important people in the world to me.

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