Tire Cake Decoration

Yep, Marty Stewart is a play on the Martha Stewart concept.  My now Stay At Home Dad husband (aka was enlisted in the Marines, was a diesel mechanic, and is now a commercial plumber) baked for us the other night.   As shown, our 2 year old couldn’t keep her fingers out of it…

Daddy baking?  Not quite the same as Martha Stewart.  VERY creative, but in a “manly” way.   So, the end result?  A tire cake…

Using a Betty Crocker Devil’s Food Cake Mix in a bundt pan and topped it with Betty Crocker Chocolate Frosting.  Then he added Coco-Puffs on the sides for the treads and powdered sugar to make the white-wall tire marking.   Isn’t that creative? 

To sweeten the deal?  It was delicious too!!  While it was still warm, I sliced some strawberries to serve with it – YUM!  Really delicious dessert. 

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