Is Sibling Rivalry OK?

I guest posted over at Shoni’s blog Walk with Me.  My article is about sibling rivalry and traversing the slippery slope of raising brothers and sisters that like each other in adulthood – if they actually survive the mutual abuse they seem so happy to inflict on each other.  It is a unique perspective considering both hubby and I are only children.  


There have been plenty of times over the years that I turn to two kids squabbling and say “I don’t understand why you’re fighting all the time.  Just STOP!” 

This is usually at the top of my lungs, and often followed with a profound statement such as “You should be grateful you have that brother or sister. Love each other, damn it!” 

As you can imagine, screeching ultimatums to love your sister to a 4 year old, or 14 year old even, doesn’t usually ever work. 

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