Target beats Walmart on back to school prices

Target beats Walmart on back to school prices

I have always thought that if I just went to Walmart to do my back to school supply shopping that overall my cost would be lowest.  This year blew that theory out of the water!  I have been to Office Depot, Office Max, Target and Walmart shopping for deals this year.  Target beat Walmart on 1 inch binders, Crayola crayons, and folders.  Both stores have composition notebooks for a mere $0.25, what a steal!

Office Max is best for folders at only a penny each!  And 10 pencils for $0.15. (this week only)

Last week Office Depot had FREE hand sanitizer, staplers, file storage boxes, and expo pens – after rebates.

Overall, I’ve learned that picking and choosing your items to maximize your savings will give the best bottom line.  Of course, that assumes your time is free…..

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