The Pressures of being a Good Work Shoe…..

I am desperately in need of some new black work shoes.  The trick with work shoes though, is that a lot of pressure is brought to bear on one little pair of shoes.  It’s tough for the average shoe to keep up with all the demands to be:

  • Comfortable – at least as comfy as what you choose to wear on the weekends, for me that’s flip flops and slippers.
  • Stylish – must go reasonably well with dress slacks or a suit – although by my admittedly loose standards flip flops and slippers do go well – most of the corporate world doesn’t agree.
  • Professional – loosely translated?  Boring.
  • Easy Maintenance – If I have to take out my shoe shining kit more than once a year for them they are going to Goodwill.
  • Affordable – Usually, this means cheap in my vocabulary, but for a really good pair of shoes I may go all out…. say up to $30.
  • Stripper Friendly – meaning, easy to take off in airport security checks.   Hmm, that’s not where your mind went?  Tsk, tsk…

What else do you look for in work shoes?  Did I miss anything?

By the way, you can find these particular shoes, which do actually meet all of my criteria if you go here. They are 25% off right now, so only $29 and free shipping.  Once on the page, go to Sale Shoes and under $35 category, or search by brand – these are Aerosoles.

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