Let Me Introduce You to Fred…My Whisker

Click here  for a chance to win $3,000 of free hair removal.

One day I hope to permanently say goodbye to Fred (my chin whisker).  I am scared to do it, but this offer for $3,000 worth of free and permanent hair removal sounds wonderful.  No offense Fred, but I would love never to see you again! 

If it doesn’t hurt too much, and I won $3,000 of free hair removal, first I would get rid of Fred, then… probably my belly, bikini, and underarms.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Never to be out in public again and raise your hand to wave, then realize…Crap! I forgot to shave under my arms!  I hope they can’t see that hair from over there.

Ooh, and to wear a bathing suit and not worry about ingrown hairs or just hair in general? 

When exactly did I get so hairy anyway?  I remember distinctly going to the beach as a teenager and not having to shave my belly.  Maybe if I looked really closely I might find some golden peach fuzz, but real hair?  Not a one in sight.  Now, I have a happy trail, that doesn’t make me too happy, and my belly isn’t nearly as flat and toned either.

I expected to be able to tuck my breasts into my belt, the landscape to shift as I aged, but when were you planning on letting me in on this getting hairy secret?  Hmmm? 

By the way, has anyone had laser hair removal?  If so, what was it like?  Oh, and if I’m not the only one getting hairier, please let me know by commenting!   Else, maybe it’s just me….

5 Responses to Let Me Introduce You to Fred…My Whisker

  1. TOO FUNNY and I am feelin it with you! That drug store personal shaver gets more use every day. So, as we age we lose the hair we WANT to keep (eyebrows, eyelashes,and our HAIR), and we now GET hair we DON’T want or need? God, what’s with this cruel joke? On top of this menopause is startin to slap me up the side of the head and I can’t remember what I did 5 minutes ago. Still, better than the alternative. You’re a riot.

  2. […] brushing has occurred, and tuck kids in bed.Start your wrinkle banishing beauty routine, cleanse, pluck, scrub, wax, moisturize, repeat.Throw on some sexy lingerie, light some candles and prove to hubs […]

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