Get Inspired for Halloween Cooking


I love how creative Halloween foods can be!  I recently made cupcakes that look like apples and was quite proud of myself.  But other than spider cupcakes, couldn’t think of anything for Halloween.  

I volunteered to bring a snack to each of my kids’ Halloween parties on Friday and am also bringing something to my work party.  I don’t want to be the boring mom that brings pretzels while everyone else shows off their culinary cuteness.   I’d be fine with that for me, but I don’t want my kids to be disappointed. 

But, there are tons of resources for Halloween ideas.  If you too need some inspiration, then go ahead and check out this free Halloween cookbook.   There are some really good things in here, including healthy food!  It isn’t all just sweets.  Woohoo! 

Happy Halloween!  I would love if you would leave a link in comments with pictures of any creations…

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