Tooth Fairy Hotline – Creative Parenting Solutions

Tooth Fairy Hotline – Creative Parenting Solutions

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For me, one of the most exciting things about being a parent was when my oldest stepson lost his first tooth.  It was September 11, 2000.   I remember it distinctly because we were at a cousin’s birthday party and the tooth, bloody roots proudly displayed in a ziploc baggy, was the highlight of our news shared that day.

We were so excited for those first few teeth that there was no way we would forget our fairy duties later that evening.  I even made up a song for the event that I swore I was going to remember and sing for each of our kids’ teeth lost.  I can’t remember how it goes – something like…

The Tooth Fairy sitting on a branch thinking of the next tooth waiting in France.  She waits outside till you’re asleep, then under your pillow she does sneek…

Well, as you’ve probably guessed from the fact that I can’t remember the song, the excitement for our fairy wings has diminished over the years.  Now it’s a race to see how quickly we can get the kids to go to bed that night so we may be able to stay awake long enough to swap out $ for teeth.

The Tooth Fairy Hotline

The Tooth Fairy Hotline was born from our first time forgetting to put on our fairy wings.  Yes, I say first, I’m ashamed to say that there have been others.

The first time we were roused from sleep when my daughter walked into our room at some atrocious hour 6am, huge crocodile tears streaming down her face, and a Ziploc baggy clenched in her little 6  year old hand with her tiny tooth still inside.   She sobbed out barely discernable words something like…”The Tooth Fairy didn’t come.  She forgot about me.”

Grasping at straws, I quickly shifted blame from the tiny little magic creature onto myself – “Oh no, baby.  The Tooth Fairy didn’t forget you.  It’s my fault, I didn’t call the Tooth Fairy Hotline and let her know there was a pick up ready for her.”

“Really?” She looked at me wistfully, wanting to believe.  “She didn’t forget me?”

“Oh, no, I was supposed to call the special number so she would know our address and where to come get it.”

“Oh.  Will you call tonight?” as she wiped away her tears with the back of her hand.

“Of course, sweetheart.  I am so sorry for forgetting.”  as I thought to myself, “Phew!  Dodged that one.”

Away my beautiful daughter went with her faith restored and her abandonment feelings assuaged.

Thank goodness for the newly developed Hotline.   It got us out of hot water that time (and others), but it also set the stage for us to put the burden on our kids to remind us to call the Hotline.    Is that a creative parenting solution, or what!

Do you have any creative parenting solutions we can benefit from?  Please share!

5 Responses to Tooth Fairy Hotline – Creative Parenting Solutions

  1. Love it! We created the Toy Fairy at our house. She takes toys that little boys and girls neglect to pick up and put away at the end of the day. Works like a charm. No nagging required.

  2. astounded by your quick thinking – had the really bad guilts with our Second when we forgot not just the first night but the second as well.. :-/ a bit sad that the10-year-old has it figured out, but at least she plays along for her sister…

    • Well, I have to admit that the second time we did it we forgot 2 nights in a row…BUT that’s why having them responsible for reminding us is so great – Darn, you didn’t remind me to call…. :)

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