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Getting ready to go out on the town?

Trying out a new babysitter and when you ask how much $, she says “Whatever you think is fair.” ?

My friend Heather just brought this website to my attention and I love it!   It has a babysitter calculator that considers:

  • location – big city or small town
  • age of babysitter
  • experience of babysitter
  • # of kids to be watched
  • special needs – cooking, diapers, special needs child, etc.

Basically for date night, we should pay around $8/hr to the teenager we are hiring to watch our 3 kids.  I was planning on about $20 for 3 hours, but it looks like I ought to bump that up a bit!  Or come home 1/2 an hour earlier.

Go check it out and then please come back and leave a comment telling me whether the calculator matches with rates in your area.

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  1. Ok I have a question ( plz help) I’m going to watch 3 kids one is under 2 for valentines weekend Saturday morning to Sunday night parent are going to be out of town ….how much should I charge I’m well over 18 yr old

  2. Some parents have specific duties to assign to their sitter and not
    every babysitters can be at ease with these tasks. So consider when yyou can book babysitting assignments
    into your existing schedule. American Red Cross Babysitter’s Training The American Redd
    Cross Babysitter’s Trraining is designed for aspiring babysitters aged 11-15 years.

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