Do you have a holiday budget?

My email from Daily Worth today is all about tools for creating and sticking to a Holiday Budget.   This year I will need to be more strict about sticking to a budget due to our new house and my husband staying home.  Any thoughts on how you have successfully implemented one?  And what do you think are appropriate amounts to spend on teenagers, 8 yo girl, 6 yo boy, 2.5 yo girl and hubby?

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  1. Nice spreadsheet! I don’t have a good budget. I have been trying to buy early so that I can spread holiday expenses over a few months… I also find a strange satisfaction in pre-paying monthly expenses. I’ve paid the mortgage through January. Whoa! Trying to anticipate and relieve the holiday money pressure before it gets here. B

  2. That’s a great idea! The prepaying the mortgage I mean. My Christmas bonus is usually enough that we don’t have to pench too many pennies, but this year I want to save more of it than we have in years past.

    My problem is that I want big ticket items (TV and computer) and that pretty much takes up the budget. I think I’ll have to forgo my iPad fantasy for now… :)

  3. I haven’t made one yet, but I will. My company appears to be rounding the corner but it’s unsure. I know the Christmas budget won’t contain big ticket items – no TVs etc. I’m bound and determined to not replace my TV until it calls Uncle. (I think the prices are rediculous.)
    I am buying smaller, more unique gifts for my grown daughters. I have a friend who makes beautiful pottery and I am giving this as gifts where appropriate. I don’t see myself going into the mall at ALL.

    • Hi Penny,

      I too do not intend to go to the Mall, but will probably buy at Target, Ross and Costco quite a bit. Pottery sounds lovely. Does your friend have a site she sells it through? I’d love to take a look. Those are the types of gifts I like for my mom and MIL.

      Thank you much for stopping by and commenting!

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