Guest Post: Help! My To-Do List is on a Rampage!

I am a guest writer over on my friend Jennifer’s site,  Life with the Lebedas today.    My post is about managing your To-Do list and, if I do say so myself, has a bit of humor woven in.  Here’s an excerpt:

  • Buy Christmas presents.
  • Wait, dear daughter’s birthday is before Christmas…
  • Buy birthday presents and invite my really good friends over for a birthday party.  The friends that will show up with only 1 hour day notice just this once every time.
  • I know this is difficult to believe, but each of the items on your To-Do list requires the same amount of energy for you to worry about it, remind yourself to do it, remember that you haven’t done it, berate yourself for getting nothing done, and drink wine until you don’t care anymore.
    Oh, wait, is that just me?
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