To-Be List vs. a To-Do List

To-Be List vs. a To-Do List

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You may have read a portion of my To-Do list in my guest post for Life with the Lebedas.  Those 3,245 things I mentioned?  Not even 1/2 of the full list.    It keeps getting longer than I can catch up to.   If my To-Do list were in a race with me, it would have lapped me multiple times for sure!

But today, instead of griping about my ever increasing To-Do list, I am developing (and sharing) my To-Be list.

What is a To-Be list you may ask?

No, it’s not a costume pattern with yellow and black stripes plus a stinger…

A To-Be list is a fresh way of identifying what you want to accomplish.   Instead of getting mired down in the tasks that you think you need to get done, it keeps your focus on the big picture.    What and who do you want to BE?

This concept was created by Sadya and introduced to me by Jen Gresham in this  post on Everyday Bright.

As we near the end of 2010, many of us may be drawn to creating Resolutions.   I usually create Goals around this time of year for the following year, but I’m going to try a To-Be list instead.

Here goes…

I want to be…

  1. Happy.
  2. A good mother.
  3. Financially secure.
  4. Healthy.
  5. In a job I love, where I am valued and excel.
  6. A good, reliable friend.
  7. Engaged in my community.
  8. Actively learning new things.
  9. Stimulated.
  10. Curious.
  11. Playful.
  12. Fulfilling my potential.
  13. 19 again…. (just checking if you were paying attention).
  14. A good steward of our environment.
  15. Positive and optimistic.
  16. Open-minded.
  17. A good leader.
  18. Someone others believe in.
  19. Kind.
  20. Actively making the world a better place.


I wrote these as I thought of them, so theoretically they are in no particular order.  However, there was a long pause after I wrote the first 3 items down.  I was going to say that they are the short and sweet of my list, but Happy alone is truly the foundation.  The following 19 items are what I believe I need to be/do so that I am happy.

What about you?  What is on your To-Be list?

7 Responses to To-Be List vs. a To-Do List

  1. Daria,

    I feel like you’ve made an important step forward with this post. Realizing that you truly want to be happy (suggesting you aren’t quite there now), but more importantly, writing down what it will take to get you there.

    And now it’s probably painfully obvious why most of the things on your to-do list aren’t really that important. Do they help you nurture your curiosity and playfulness? Probably not.

    I really want to see what you do with this. The value of Sadya’s idea is in applying it often. Whenever I’m feeling stressed, I take out my to-be list and make sure I’m not off track.

    I hope you’ll come back to this after the New Year maybe and let us know how you’re doing!

    • Thanks Jen! I will count on you to hold my feet to the fire (of self fulfillment)! I love this idea and am very grateful that you brought it to my attention. I am looking forward to using it as a tool for prioritizing my life and also getting the ball rolling on some of those “me” things I’ve put on the back burner for one reason or another.

      Thank you again for all your wonderful advice and guidance!! Plus, the inspiration you provide, especially your latest decisions and ventures…


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