Only 7 Days Left to Get a Raffle Ticket!

Only 7 Days Left to Get a Raffle Ticket!

This beautiful handmade quilt is going to be raffled off next Wednesday, December 15th, 2010.  Raffle tickets are $20 each and go to a worthy cause.  ALL proceeds go to pay for hospital costs for my friend’s 15 year old nephew.  Go here to read Tyler’s story.

If you are able to help out and looking for a great chance at this priceless quilt – please go to Scraps of Love for your chance to enter.

So far about $1,600 has been raised of the $3,000 needed.  This includes a very generous $500 matching donation from our company and kudos must be given to the employees that generously exceeded the $500 purchase mark needed to maximize the company matching donation.  Way to go LRE staff!!

If you have corporate connections, maybe this would be a cause you’d like to propose your company contribute to?  It’s a good one!  I work with Heather in real life and our company is going to gather in our conference room for the drawing to determine the winner.

Thank you very much to:

Maria @ Tough Cookie Mommy

Chris @ Mama Bird’s Blog

Nicole @ Help!  Mama Remote

Dawn @ Consulting Big Picture

Gina @ Special Happens

Jackie @ With Just a Bit of Magic

Heather @ Mommy Only Has Two Hands

Carrey @ One Girl Ideas

Erin @ Dropped Stitches

Jared’s Mum @ Jared’s Little Corner of the World

These wonderful women added posts about Tyler on their blogs and spread the word for this worthy cause.

Special thanks to Heather @ Scraps of Love for creating this quilt and doing what she can to help her sister and nephew.

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