Giving is Selfish

Giving is Selfish

I can see how you might think this is a contradictory statement.   How can giving to others be selfish?

It’s a high.  When I give to others in need, I gain this amazing feeling and the wave of warmth and happiness carries me through the entire day.

The closest feeling I can compare it to is falling in love.   I walk around with a giddy smile on my face, catch myself humming Christmas tunes under my breath, and am just high on life.

Yep, selfish.

You may wonder what prompted this “what is the meaning of life” self reflection.

Yesterday, I received this e-mail from my children’s school.

Hi Everyone,
We have a family that needs some help this Christmas due to unfortunate circumstances.
The following list is some items they have requested to help make their Holiday.
If you could donate any of the items it would be greatly appreciated. We are asking to have them delivered to the main office by Wednesday Dec. 15Th.
Please respond to this e-mail to let us know what you can donate. We also would like the items wrapped with a removable label of what is inside the package.
If you have any questions or would like to donate some different item that is not on the list please let us know.
Thank you for giving!!!
  • Woman’s winter coat size XL
  • Socks, Girls, large
  • 6th grade girls books (I’ll ask for favorites)
  • Football Jr. size
  • Socks boys athletic size 10
  • Snow boots (boys) size 10
  • Boys pants, size 14
  • Men’s shirts size small
  • Winter Coat Men’s Medium
  • Tennis shoes (gym shoes) size 9
  • Nurf gun
  • Laundry soap
  • Boys body wash
  • Boys Shampoo
  • Model Car (Die Cast)
The picture above are the items I gathered in about 5 minutes around our house and the majority of them I got for FREE using coupons and matching to sales.  Gotta love it.
The 3 shirts and the pair of shorts all have tags on them because I bought them for my stepsons and they have since outgrown them before even wearing them.    I am SO glad they are going to a good cause!
The rest were free items that I’ve stockpiled and that would be useful to anyone.   The free cookies weren’t on the requested list, but what day isn’t brighter with a fresh baked cookie?   Deoderant, body wash, shampoo, shave gel, dish detergent, bandaids, toothpaste, Nivea lip balm, soap – all told I spent $0.85 on everything shown in the photo.    This doesn’t include the cost of the clothes, but that was a sunk cost already anyway.
It certainly is easy to be generous when it costs less than a dollar and takes all of 10 minutes!
What about you – what gives you the warm and fuzzies this holiday season?

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  1. Giving is a great thing. We went down to a big local downtown Atlanta park and we made it a point to take extra food and old pillows so we could give them to people. We had reusuable cooler bags with drinks and food and handed them out. The people were happy and our kids knew we were helping others

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