Emptying the Trunk – Weight Loss

Emptying the Trunk – Weight Loss

I am currently writing an article about Appearance and Executive Image.   It is part of a collaborative series with 6 other women and will be posted on January 24th, 2011.

One of the things that I know, but has been driven home while researching this article, is that being overweight is one of the largest appearance elements that negatively influences others’ opinions of you.   (It’s ok, I giggled at the “largest” pun too.)

Those of you that know me in real life know that I have a bit of junk in the trunk above and beyond what’s attractive.

Trying on clothes this weekend, I asked if some pants fit.  My friend Brent said – Yep, they fit that Ghetto Booty.   She is a very polite, tactful Southern Lady.  :)  There are much less flattering descriptions she could have used.  Trust me.

I joked about my weight in “Does this Salary Make My Butt Look Big?”, but the truth is that I am definitely overweight and not in a cute, oh you’ve gained 5 pounds since high school, kind of way.   Yes, I need to get fit for health reasons, but there are serious career advancement and pay reasons to lose weight as well.

I feel guilty and hypocritical advising people to pay attention to their weight if looking to improve their Executive Image.  I clearly am not living by that advice and one of my biggest personal pet peeves is hypocrisy.   To be able to write this article with a virtual straight face, I need to do something about my weight.

This isn’t a short lived effort that will end on January 24th when the article is published.  I am also tired of not having any pics of me from our annual beach vacation because I’m so embarrassed.  Large sea animals come to mind when I see pictures of myself in a bathing suit.

So, what am I going to do about it?

When  Lori from  A Day in Motherhood,  invited me to join her in her weight loss journey I said, yes.   She is inspiring and has a great balance of focusing on losing weight without being obsessive.    She even shared her actual current weight!   No disguises by using different measuring sticks.  Nothing like – I currently weight about the same as 19 kittens or 3 bicycles.  Nope, real numbers in pounds.   No, I will not share with you.  You can’t make me.

Well since you asked so nicely…I weigh about 22 kittens and 5 bicycles.  :)

My other inspiration and coach is Kisha from In Thru the Out Door.   She has been very motivating with her tweets about exercise accomplished and calories burned each day.   In fact, because of Kisha, I think I am going to join the YMCA near me instead of using the Rec Center like I have in the past.

These two ladies are going to help keep me accountable.  But before they can do so, I need to own up to the numbers – and not in # of kittens.

Full Disclosure

I have about 70lbs of extra junk in that trunk.  This is not how much it would take to get supermodel skinny, but to get back within the healthy range of weight for my height.

I am not delusional.  I realize that losing 70 pounds will take upward of a year, maybe more.  So my first goal to lose 30 pounds by June.   I’ll update you periodically about my progress on getting the booty out of the trunk.  Yes, cheesy pirate pun intended.  :D  I will not commit to a regular schedule because Margie warned me about setting expectations too high and then not meeting them.  But, I will be tracking and will let you know how things are going.

Before and After

Nothing says it quite as well as a photo, but the photo has to be an honest one.  I will expect you, my readers, to make sure I don’t just do some photo magic to show positive changes.

One of the things I love about digital friends is they only see me in the pictures, lighting, and angles that make me look good.  The photo above is one that shows just how important angles are when going for attractive pictures.

Here’s what happens when you take that same picture from the couch…

I’m telling you that trunk is not full of feathers!

I will take a picture of me from front, side and back – same pose, same clothes, same angles, same lighting – to document my progress.  I don’t expect I will want to share them with you until they are no longer up to date, but expect once I am thinner I’ll be proud to show how far I’ve come.   I’m sure you can understand.

Thank you Lori and Kisha for your support and encouragement!

Anyone else want to join in?   All are welcome, just leave a comment below.

12 Responses to Emptying the Trunk – Weight Loss

    • Thank you so much Carli! 25 pounds is fantastic! Do you have any tips? What worked for you? What’s the smallest change you made that made the largest difference?

  1. WOOHOO!!! Yea- it’s official! We have no more excuses!
    I went to the Dr today and about fell off the scale when I saw it register at 172lbs!!!! Not the lovely 167 my scale said this morning! A light bulb went on, and a tear escaped- I’ll admit, so I am more motivated than ever! Joining Kisha’s journey now!

    • Oh Lori, you are my hero this week for sure. It takes a ton of courage to put your #’s out there like that! What’s 5 pounds anyway? We can kick it!! Whew, thank you so much for encouraging me and for inspiring me with your weight loss journey posts. I am ready!!

  2. Hi Daria,

    I am so happy I was able to help you even if just in a kind of small way.

    About ten years ago, I was rather uncomfortably overweight. I had a moment where I looked in a full-length mirror and thought, “Man…how did these pants get so puffy? Oh…it’s me.” Not a good moment.

    I am still about 15-20 pounds off from where I want to be, but I’ve made a LOT of lifestyle changes.

    My humble advice – start small. Replace regular pasta with wheat pasta, then wheat pasta with salads. Start with Yoga, then ramp up the cardio. Things like that.

    And if you have a wii, get EA Sports Active and we can do 30-day challenges together (and with others?) to keep each other going.

    All that being said, you’re lovely. Glad to see your shining face :) I thought you were a cartoon.

    • Hi Margie – I DO have a Wii! I’ll have to see if we have the Sports Active. I don’t think that I do, but hubs hasn’t gotten me an xmas present yet, so GUESS WHAT! Now I know what’ll be on it. I love the idea of wii challenges. What a great suggestion.

      And Laura? (my IRL friend) I know you’re joining us (and really, it’s not that intimidating to leave a comment – I would love to hear from you here… :) I know you have a Wii – do you have the Sports Active? I would love to play the wii and get fit with you guys. What a fun way to do it!

      Happy Holidays everyone!

  3. You’ve inspired me! I think I’m ready to start your weight loss journey, but I have to be honest, I don’t think I want to post my weight online either and probably not until after the holidays. I have family in from out of town and too much craziness going on to try to diet right now. So Jan. 3rd (when my company leaves) I’ll be on board!!! And I’ll be blogging about it! Thanks for the encouragement – I’ll keep reading your blog and A Day in Motherhood’s blog! http://itscrazycheap.blogspot.com/

    • Yay! Welcome Jackie! I must admit I have no intention of weaning myself off of most carbs or wine until after the holidays. :D I think starting a serious diet this week is KuuuuhrAzy! But, I have started to be aware of just how many sweets and random cookies or thoughtless things I put in my mouth. It’s a start anyway. No MAJOR changes yet though and I won’t start exercising until after my company leaves too. But, I am thrilled you’ll be joining us and am looking forward to our digital support system! :) Merry Christmas!

  4. Daria, Your post is very touching wieght is a very sensitive subject. And as much as we don’t want to believe it we are judged everyday by our weigt. are we too skinny or carrying a little extra junk.

    I have been working a year and lost 20 pounds and have another 20 to go. This month has been especially hard but I have decided to join weight watchers online so that I will be accountable for my calories. Thanks for the extra motivation!

    • Thanks Heather! You look great too. Congratulations on that sheath dress and in single digit sizes!! Woohoo! Definitely worth celebrating. Thank you for your daily inspiration and glad you are joining our journey!

      Merry Christmas!

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