Pay it Forward (Microloan)

Pay it Forward (Microloan)

By a fluke of fate, I am incredibly blessed.   One of those blessings was being born in America where women’s rights are much more progressive than in many parts of the world.  I may complain about wage inequality, pressure to be thin, or office politics, but I am much more fortunate than 100,000’s of women around the world.   Because of this, I am particularly fond of choosing women as recipients of my charity efforts.    This is one of those…

I chose Abena as my third person to loan money to via Kiva.  Her information can be found here if you are interested in learning more about her.  The reason I chose her was because her husband is a plumber (as is mine) and she isn’t getting as much support as others because the loan program for her geographic area (Ghana) has a 7% delinquency rate.   This doesn’t seem terribly high to me, but these microloan programs have an amazingly high repayment rate usually hovering around 99%.

The loan defaults for this particular program are primarily due to how poor the country is in this region, various environmental issues affecting fishing, and the unwillingness of local agents to harass the borrowers when they can’t repay the loan.   I decided that the risk of not getting repaid the $25 is worth it if I can help out a woman in an area that is so clearly struggling.

Like I’ve said before, giving really is selfish.  And I love that this program isn’t just a one time gift, but is a hand up and replenishes itself so that I can give again and again.

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