10 Years Ago Today – Engagement Story

10 Years Ago Today – Engagement Story

Ten years ago today, I spent my first Christmas morning with my boyfriend.

We were alone in a quiet house with soft flakes of snow gently falling outside the picture window.    The dog was asleep on the couch, one eye cracked, but not about to budge just because I was up at 6am excited to see what was in my stocking.   This was before our babies arrived, so I still got to be the *child* that couldn’t wait to get up and see what surprises Santa had brought during the night.

Hubs grumbled and groaned about being woken up so early and was in a weird, almost withdrawn, mood.   When I got through the 3 things in my stocking – an unscented beeswax candle, a full size calendar, and a full size tube of lotion (don’t worry, I’ve since taught him what belongs in a stocking), I started to make breakfast.  My husband got dressed in khaki slacks and a nice shirt.  This was VERY odd.  One, I was in my pajamas making eggs, and two, prior to meeting me dressing up for hubs meant wearing his black jeans instead of his blue ones.   It was so odd, I asked him what he was doing.  He just said he felt like looking nice. Weird, right?

But I didn’t put 2 and 2 together.

When I put the eggs on the kitchen table, instead of pulling out a chair and sitting down, he bent down on one knee and held out a little black box.

He started talking then…. how I was the best thing that ever happened to him, how I was his lucky talisman, etc, etc.  I am not saying etc. etc. because I want to cut this short – that’s all I actually heard.  After that,  his voice was kind of like the mom from Charlie Brown “wahbahwa, wahbahwa, waba”.  All that kept running through my head was Holy Shit!  That’s a diamond!

Later that day, I asked him to repeat what he had said, but it was ad-lib and he couldn’t repeat it.  This is one of two times in my life that I wish I had on tape.  The second was the speech he made at dinner the  night before our wedding.   Hubs isn’t often moved to thoughtful and sweet speeches, but the two times he’s done it have been amazing.

Finally the shock wore off and I realized he wasn’t talking anymore.

He was looking up at me and starting to fidget because apparently it was a looong time (I’m sure it felt even longer) before I came out of my daze and said “yes”.

We were married the following June.

It’s ten years later (minus a day) as I sit here and type this up.  Instead of snow falling, we have bright sun.  Instead of quiet, I have 3 kids that have interrupted me 10 times in the past 20 minutes to ask if I’ve thought about letting them open a present tonight.    My faithful dog that was sleeping on the couch died two years ago, and now we have a bouncy boxer that we rescued from the pound.

But what hasn’t changed?  I have an amazing, patient, and thoughtful  man standing beside me.  A man that knows I will be the first one awake tomorrow morning even though we have three kids under 10 in the house.  A man that knows I love the way he looks in khaki slacks.  A man that knows how I take my coffee and that baking brownies always makes me feel loved.

I am a very, very lucky woman.

I feel blessed every Christmas morning because of the life (together) that started this day 10 years ago….

Merry Christmas!!

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  1. What an amazing story.I love when they boys decide to do the whole shock and awe proposals that we didnt expect. MIne was an impromptu ( to me anyways) proposal in the middle of one of our college bars!I was so not expecting.It took me a couple days to regain my senses and power of speech to be able to answer:)What a wonderful memory to recollect every Christmas.Happy new Year my friend maybe your next decade be filled with many blessings and good things!

    • Thank you Debi! I don’t think I would trade that moment for anything. It was amazing to be shocked and awed and definitely made an impression.

      When I read your comment I was immediately brought back to a bar in college that would have been perfect for that proposal – The Purple Porpoise. It has since closed down apparently, but until then was a UF legend and a place EVERYONE that’s gone to UF has been to at one point or another.

      I can picture the scene perfectly. I giggled at the thought of making him wait a few days :). I would have too in college I think, but can only imagine his stress. Good for him to worry a little! :)

      Thank you for swinging by! Happy New Year!

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