Business Tips from School Registration

Business Tips from School Registration

I love, love, love my kids’ school.

Since school registration, I have been gushing about the school to anyone that is interested (and a few that aren’t) and I realized that the things that won me over are applicable in business too.

1.  They were completely prepared.  Any question that I had was answered without me having to ask it. The PTA had multiple flyers out for all the activities through the year, options to sign up to help in the classes, times and important dates for back to school, there were enough lines to move through registration quickly and it went smoothly.

2.  The school gives more than I expected.   On the bottom of the fees sheet was an optional fee if you want your student to participate in a foreign language class.  Foreign language after school for my 1st and 3rd grader?  Heck ya!  This was an unexpected bonus!

3.   The school appeared well groomed.   The grass was cut, flowers were planted, the windows and glass doors were clear, the walls were freshly painted, the play equipment was in good repair, and the carpet was clean. It is not a new school and yet it has clearly been cared for and well maintained.  It was clear the staff wanted to make a good impression.

So, I have an all day business presentation in Phoenix next week that is a pretty big deal.  I plan to be prepared, well groomed, and hopefully wow them with a little something extra.

Hopefully our new clients will be as impressed with me as I am with my kids school!  Fingers crossed.

Do you ever see lessons from your home life that you apply at work? 

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