2010 – A Year and a Blog in Review

It’s the time of year people take a minute to look backward before starting off the new year with a clean slate.  Scary Mommy posted about her year in review and Tough Cookie Mommy wrote her lessons learned.  I had not planned to reflect on 2010, but their posts changed my mind.  I think there is great value in taking a moment to reflect on our past, our lessons, and our lives before putting them behind us and moving forward.   So, here’s to 2010…

Overall thoughts?  2010 was a MUCH better year than 2009 – hands down.   If next year improves that much then 2011 is going to be stellar!  But here are the specifics:

Highlights of my posts from 2010:

My very first post =  Is your company guilty of discrimination?

My first Wordless Wednesday = Vaseline + Toddler equals…

My first collaborative series = 7 Women Share Secrets of Executive Image

My first guest post = Money Savvy Tip:  Redbox for DVD Rentals

First business tips = Want a Promotion?  Read this…

Best Trophy Husband article = Trophy Husband or Stay at Home Dad?

First Money Smart Tip = Money Smart Tip #1:  Save Painlessly

Best networking tip = Learn to Network Successfully

Best coupon deal = Shaving Gel for a Quarter!

Best personality post = Introvert or Extrovert?  What’s the Difference?

My first giveaway = Chocolate Brown Vera Bradley Purse

Favorite title = Does this salary make my butt look big?

Most political post = Are you Right Wing or Left?  Ass or Elephant?

Going against the norm = Is giving 110% really the key to success?

First fundraiser post = Giving thanks when you are a 15 year old with a brain tumor

Best holiday post = Christmas Traditions

Most tear jerking posts = These faces light up my life and The phone call

Best parenting post = Are we protecting our children or stifling them?

Silliest post = Let me introduce you to Fred…my whisker

So which of these is your favorite?  What would you like me to write more about in 2011?  Any new topics you’d like to see covered?  Please let me know in the comments!  I’d love your thoughts on the direction of the blog…

And here are just some things I learned this year – more for me to look back on than you, but you are welcome to look!  :)

  • I went back to work full time.
  • I started 4 websites.
  • I finally found the house of my dreams for a price I could pay (assuming we both have jobs).
  • I discovered an amazing digital community that I’m not quite sure how I survived without until now.
  • I went skiing for the first time in 11 years!  (pregnancies, nursing, etc. kept getting in the way.)
  • I started couponing and stockpiling and LOVE it.
  • I made some new friends and reconnected with others.
  • I spent some amazing quality time with my children – skiing, crafting, family game night…
  • My husband lost his job and it’s been a blessing (in disguise) – we get more time with him, his focus is our family, and the kids adore having him home before and after school.
  • I brought in a lot of work, helped develop some amazingly talented staff, and although I may not have figured out how to manage the male ego – I have managed not to piss them off quite so often.
  • I learned the value of a budget and the power of passive income.
  • I learned there are some arguments I will never win and sometimes the best thing you can do is let go.
  • I learned to appreciate my husband’s wisdom and insight into people and that I truly do love him.
  • My kids and I volunteered together for the first time this year – stuff for students and delivering baskets to homebound seniors.
  • I finally lent money via Kiva.
  • And, I learned I have to make time for me.  Not just the me that gets to read a book or get a pedicure, but the *me* that figures out who I am after you strip away the roles and titles.  Not mom.  Not wife.  Not employee.  Who am I?  I haven’t answered it yet, but I learned to value me and to put effort into figuring it out.

Happy New Year!  Please don’t forget to leave a comment telling me what you’d like to see from MiM in 2011.   Here’s to a fantastic year filled with new discoveries and great conversations.

photo credit: Jim_K-Town

15 Responses to 2010 – A Year and a Blog in Review

  1. What a year for you! I found you through BlogFrog and I’m glad I did. There are not a lot of working Mom bloggers out there so I’m excited to find someone like minded.


    • Thanks! I can’t wait to get to know you better. There are a few great resources for working moms, I’ll have to gather them together and post about them… Happy New year!

  2. I love all of your posts but, obviously, my favorite posts came from the Executive Image Series. It has been wonderful to collaborate with such a talented and insightful group of women bloggers. This year has also taught me to get back to my roots and to find enjoyment in the things that have always made me happy, like writing. I would definitely like to see more posts about couponing and stockpiling as I am just starting to get my feet wet in that area. It was my pleasure to meet you this year, albeit on online, and I look forward to many more tweets, discussions, and collaborations. Big hugs and Happy New Year to you and your family.

    • Thank you Maria! Ditto on my extreme pleasure to *meet* you this year as well. I have to admit the Series is my favorite so far too. It is so much FUN to support each other, disagree, converse, and throw ideas around. I am definitely hooked and am already thinking of some new Series topics! :) I am stilll looking forward to a guest post from you about what parents should know that teachers may not tell them…I think it will be amazing! Holidays, the series, yada, yada have postponed it, but I haven’t forgotten.

      Happy New Years to you and yours! HUGS.

  3. Wow! What an impressive and productive year Daria. Sounds like you made ‘quality’ a priority for you and family.

    I’m so happy that we connected via social media–you’ve truly inspired the moxie in me.

    Look forward to more interactions in ’11 :)

  4. I’m so glad I found your blog and I’m really looking forward to all of the great things your planning for 2011.

    I’m a big fan of learning and taking “me” time (exactly the way you described it). You’re a great role model for all of the other mom’s out there who may not realize that “me” time is equally important as family, kids, husband, and work time.

  5. Wow! I really like your style! I read about “Fred” and about raising your kids independent and found myself really identifying with both. Discovering waxing in 2010 was profound for me. I’ve thought about the laser treatments but then my masochistic side wouldn’t get her punishment every month with the waxing.
    It was refreshing to hear about your choices in raising your kids. I struggle between letting my kids do too much on their own and too little. It seems an ever present balancing act. Your post was an inspiration and it will be in mind next time the little one whines about her homework or getting her own snack! Thanks for the post! I’m looking forward to getting to know you more!

    • Thank you, “mim”. :) I am really glad we were introduced by Linda! What a great way to start the year. Thank you for the comment. This whole parenting thing can be a quagmire, can’t it? Can’t wait to read your posts too. Thank you again!

  6. Fabulous, Daria. It gave me a swoosh of vicarious satisfaction. Why? Because it is such a tribute to your spirit, your energy, your can-do attitude,and the value your place on the people in your life–the one’s who live in your presence and those of us in the ether.

    You have a contagious enthusiasm for the possiblities and a way of seeing the value of the big things and the little ones. You list is really our list. If it isn’t,the we all need to get busy! Thanks. ~Dawn

    • Thank you Dawn! You are always so optimistic and positive. I love having you in my commenting circle because you always say something that makes me blush and feel great about myself! :)

      Thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm for our projects together. I can’t wait to collaborate some more!

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