Goodwill 50% off on Saturday (Jan 1st)

Goodwill 50% off on Saturday (Jan 1st)

I love Goodwill.  I have found great furniture, purses, and jeans for the kids there.  I first started shopping there after my first daughter was born and I needed work clothes but didn’t want to spend a lot because I didn’t intend to stay that size for very long.  I’ve since become addicted.

The half off days are always really crowded, but are my favorite days for picking up books – $0.25 for kids and $0.50 each for adults after the 50% off is applied.  Kids’ clothes are $1.50 after 50% off and most adult clothes are $2.50.  Can’t beat it!

I was there this week and there were a TON of people cleaning out their homes and getting that last tax deduction before the end of the year.   I predict a HUGE selection on Saturday.

The advertisement focuses on the opening of the Lafayette store, but all Goodwills in the Denver area anyway are 50% off this Saturday (not just Lafayette).

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