Week 3 – Secrets of Executive Image

Week 3 – Secrets of Executive Image

Maria is the third of 7 Fabulous Women to share her thoughts about Executive Image with us!

She writes about Competition’s Influence on Executive Image and provides an insightful look at how women interact with each other professionally and the actions we sometimes take that undermine our credibility.    It’s a no holds barred kinda post, so go read it and chime in!  (If you missed the first two posts in the Series by  Margie Clayman and Dr. Jennifer Gresham – go here, and here to catch up.)

Here’s an excerpt from Maria’s post:

….there is a lot of competition involved in being a member of the workplace.  Everyone wants to be the best in their field or at the top of their game so it is imperative that you focus on always improving yourself internally, externally, and professionally. Also, always take inventory of the agendas of those working around you.

Read the rest of Maria’s post – Competition’s Influence on Executive Image  by clicking here.


Maria is a native New Yorker who was raised in Spain until the age of 8.  She has a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Spanish Language and Literature and a double minor in Education and Multilingual Journalism from CUNY.  Additionally, she received her Master of Science degree in Education in Literacy Studies, grades 5-12 also from a CUNY school.

Maria’s web moniker is Tough Cookie Mommy and considering she’s survived the past 10 years as a Middle School English Language Arts teacher for the NYC Department of Education, I’d say she’s earned that title!

Maria’s posts are always insightful, often extremely funny, and convey emotions from anger to tenderness in words that paint a vivid picture in your mind.  Her topics cover the daily struggles, challenges, and victories in the life of a teacher in NY City, a mother of two young sons, and a wife of 11 years to the love of her life.

Connect with Maria at Tough Cookie Mommy, on twitter, and facebook.


This is the third of 7 posts in this  Series!  Go here for links to ones you may have missed or a preview of the topics and line up we have in store for you!

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