Week 4 – Secrets of Executive Image

Week 4 – Secrets of Executive Image

**Website and Post are no longer active.

Mrs. B is the fourth of 7 Fabulous Women to share her thoughts about Executive Image with us!

She writes about Being Organized and Prepared and provides an insightful look from the unique perspective of an Executive Administrative Assistant.    Mrs. B knows what the Executives say about you after you leave a meeting and will tell you what you need to change if you want to impress them.    She is so straight forward on her blog that she writes anonymously to prevent backlash.  Want to follow a blog that’s blunt and “real” regarding parenting and career?  Then go ahead and follow Mrs. B.

(If you missed the first three posts in the Series by  Maria Castro, Margie Clayman and Dr. Jennifer Gresham – go herehere, and here to catch up.)

Here’s an excerpt from Mrs. B’s post:

Let me preface this by saying that I’m not an Executive.  I am, however, an Executive Administrative Assistant.  That means, in my career, I have assisted Presidents of Boards and C-Level Executives.  I hear what they say about you after they meet with you, so I want to talk to you today about how you present yourself when you meet with an Executive.  They may, someday, have a say in whether or not you proceed up the career ladder to become an Executive yourself.

Read the rest of Mrs. B’s post – Organization and Preparation  by clicking here.  *Post is missing. 


Mrs. B is a working woman, mom and wife in her late 30s.  She has five children, ranging from freshman in college to toddler and writes openly and honestly about being a mom, a wife, work,  mommy guilt, the never ending joys of pull ups, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and the truth about just how insane this juggling act really is.

Mrs. B works and lives in a rural community in Colorado and interacts daily with political players in her small community.  She is a skilled social media wiz and incredibly talented in a wide range of areas.  Because she writes anonymously, I hesitate to provide more details for fear of “outing her”.   Hmm, wonder if she’s in witness protection?  Now, there’s a thought.

Mrs.  B’s posts are always hilarious, sometimes snarky, full of wit and intelligence and a realistic view of career, marriage and parenting.

Connect with Mrs. B at Mama Needs A Straight Jacket and  twitter.


This is the fourth of 7 posts in this  Series!  Go here for links to ones you may have missed or a preview of the topics and line up we have in store for you!

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