Week 5 – Secrets of Executive Image

Week 5 – Secrets of Executive Image

Dawn Lennon is the fifth of 7 Fabulous Women to share her thoughts about Executive Image with us!

She writes about Polishing Your Interpersonal Skills and provides tangible and easy to follow instructions on how to connect with others and maintain flexibility for varying situations and audiences.  Dawn has an incredibly diverse background ranging from school teacher to Fortune 500 company executive and has applied these techniques successfully across venues.

(If you missed the first posts in the Series by  Maria Castro, Margie Clayman and Dr. Jennifer Gresham – herehere, and here to catch up.)

Here’s an excerpt from Dawn Lennon’s post:

Here are 10 interpersonal skills I consider most important to building an executive image no matter where you work:

  1. Greeting people in a way that clearly shows you “see” them; shake hands when appropriate
  2. Smiling and opening up informal conversation
  3. Asking questions that start substantive dialogue
  4. Demonstrating patience and respectfulness
  5. Listening actively to all points of view
  6. Bringing people together to resolve differences and get things done
  7. Offering praise and recognition; expressing appreciation and gratitude
  8. Showcasing a consistently positive demeanor
  9. Demonstrating a sense of humor at the right time
  10. Defusing criticism and complaining

Read the rest of Dawn’s post – Polishing Your Interpersonal Skills  by clicking here.


Dawn Lennon is the author of a published book – Business Fitness: The Power to Succeed–Your Way.  She has also published multiple articles in reputed magazines.

Dawn is a Career Strategist, Coach and Mentor, helping individuals, small and solo business owners build the success they want.

She has been a high school English teacher, bred and raised thoroughbred race horses on her own farm, worked as a Senior Manager in a Fortune 500 Energy Company, worked in HR, Customer Service and Change Management, and she founded her own consulting firm to help entrepreneurs solve problems and improve performance – Big Picture Consulting.

Connect with Dawn on Big Picture ConsultingTwitter, and Facebook.


This is the fifth of 7 posts in this  Series!  Go here for links to ones you may have missed or a preview of the topics and line up we have in store for you!  And make sure to check back here next week for my article on Appearance’s Role in Executive Image.

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