Week 7 – Secrets of Executive Image

Week 7 – Secrets of Executive Image

Linda Esposito is the last of 7 Fabulous Women to share her thoughts about Executive Image with us!

She writes about How to Project an Executive Image when Anxiety Attacks and provides an incredibly funny and spot on summary of the thoughts that rage through a working parent’s head when trying to balance children, career, and marriage.   Linda’s psychotherapy background gives her great insight into the self talk that we use that increases our anxiety and how to change it to help boost our confidence instead.

(If you missed the first posts in the Series go here to catch up.)

Here’s an excerpt from Linda’s post:

No. I won’t allow this moment to overtake me.


I’m a calm, independent, and competent executive.

I practice integrity, devotion, and commitment.

I run a successful household, and a thriving business.

I can do this.

Read the rest of Linda’s post – How to Project an Executive Image when Anxiety Attacks  – here


Linda has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and is a licensed clinical social worker.  She has been a psychotherapist for the past 10 years working in schools and in private practice.

Linda’s blog – Talk Therapy Biz - strives to help you develop more self-awareness so you see how you create your reality through your thoughts and actions.  They believe if you are better able to handle your issues, you will be less likely to project negativity onto the children around you. This is important because children have exactly one shot at childhood.

Connect with Linda at Talk Therapy Biz, or twitter, and facebook.


This is the final post in the Series.    It has been a phenomenal ride with some fantastic advice and discussion spurred around career development and the secrets to projecting the image you need for success.   Please make sure to read all the posts in the Series – summaries and links are provided HERE.
The Series was such a great success that we will have many more.  The next one will be discussing Marriage and is scheduled to start in Mid-February.

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