Empty Trunk – Week 3

Empty Trunk – Week 3

Good choices I made this week:

1) Used the treadmill (3x) that I got at Goodwill last week (only $35!).
2) Decided to only drink wine after each 5 pounds I lose (starting mid-week).
3) Cut down on carbs.
4) Have NO more caramel corn in my house. Goodbye temptation.
5) Asked twitter for tips and got some good ones including:

  • Pedometer Challenge – 10,000 steps/day
  • EA Sports Active 30 day Challenge
  • WOG – Walk and Jog combo

So, did it work?

  • Start – Dec. 20 – 70 lbs to lose
  • Week 1 – minus 0.5 = 69.5 lbs to lose
  • Week 2 – minus 2.0 = 67.5 lbs to lose
  • Week 3 – minus 0.0 = 67.5 lbs to lose

Yes, it is easy to get discouraged when I have a week that I thought I made good choices and it wasn’t reflected on the scale.  But, it wasn’t a gain either!  So I’ll take it and hope that next week is a better week.


Things I did this week that I can change for next week include:

  • Dove chocolate – SO yummy and I had 10 pieces in a moment of weakness
  • Wine
  • Chicken Alfredo Pasta for dinner
  • Baked Brie at a social gathering Friday night
  • Never met my 10,000 steps goal

So, I will try to do better this week!  How did you do?

Here’s who has signed up for our #emptytrunk challenge:

Weight Loss Tip

My tip for the week was given to me by Helen (@HelenMGibson) and it is the 10,000 steps per day challenge.  She is in a weight loss challenge with her family and whoever gets to 5 days of 10,000+steps wins a prize.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?  Anyone want to enter that challenge with me?  Not sure what prizes will be yet, but sounds like a great motivator.  There are conversions for other forms of working out – 150steps per minute for biking – etc…

Ok, ladies.  How did you do?  Would you please let me know this week’s loss and your total too?  Thank you!  Also what is your one tip that works for you?

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  1. Even though you didn’t lose weight this week, you still did well! Any week that you don’t gain is a good week, and you made some good choices (except only drinking wine every time you lose 5 pounds– that’s crazy talk!).

    • LOL – that was my thought too. Well, both were actually. Yes, I’ll take a week that I didn’t gain anything. There have certainly been plenty of those the past few years so this is an improvement!

      Yep, the wine call was pretty drastic measures and I don’t know that I’m going to be good about sticking to it – unless I can lose 2.5lbs this week! I have friends coming over Sat for wine, games and girl talk so… Guess I just have to lose that 2.5lbs! :D

      Want to join in?

  2. Don’t beat yourself up! A loss is a loss and we are celebrating that! I swam twice (not the 3x goal) and am down 2 lbs.
    Enjoyed a Bud Light LIME :o) Yum and it’s a fruit too…right? (Okay I had 3 of them) but only 1 wine and drank a ton of water!!!
    Yeah us!!!! Now, I gotta go WOG before it SNOW’s in SC :(

  3. I started my diet and exercise regimen on New Years Day. I have lost 3 lbs so far. I have cut 1,500 calories a week out of my diet and I am counting every calorie that goes in my mouth. I am keeping my weekly calorie count at 1700 and it is going down daily. I also ordered me a pedometer to keep up with calories burned and steps walked. I am also trying to walk at least 20 minutes everyday. I am having to start out exercising slow as recent (last year) hip, knee and foot surgery is hampering me in those efforts. I have also ordered me an exercise bike it will be here soon. Thanks you all for your support.

    • Yay! Way to go! Three pounds is a great start! I have started using my pedometer too and am astonished by how FEW steps I walk in a day. My goal is to get it up to 10K a day, but so far I”ve only hit 5K…

      Keep it up! Don’t forget to take your before pics because some day you’ll be very proud of all you’ve accomplished… (no need to share)

  4. I am proud to say that I didn’t gain over the holidays & resumed workouts back up once things got back to normal here at home. I am down 2 pounds this week. Total loss since August: 36 pounds. Loss this month: 3 pounds. I have been up and down a pound here and there, but its been pretty steady around the 165 range.

    In 2005, when I got pregnant with my son, I gained a lot. A LOT. When he was 6 months old, I saw a picture of myself from Christmas. I was so sad at myself. I lost 108 pounds, got down to a perfect size for my frame, then when I was happy with where I was at, I got pregnant and gained again. Sooo here we all are together, helping each other and that’s what matters. We can do this!

  5. Wow! 108 pounds…that is inspiring for sure! Yes, I gained 60 to 70 pounds with each pregnancy, but right now weigh either right at or more than I did the day before I delivered my last daughter. So… time to get to work!

    Congrats on 2 pounds this week! That is completely sustainable and a great job. Way to go Tanya!

  6. I really hate to admit that i totally forgot about signing up for this. Though all week i have been eating lots of steamed and baked foods with stirred fried veggies in sesame oil. If i had weighed in last week i am pretty sure i lost a pound or two. I am on it this week!

  7. You are doing a great job and the fact that you are losing and not gaining shows it.

    I have 10 lbs to drop and would like them gone by the time we go to Disney in May. I am doing a little research to see if I can use my Wii to help me lose the weight. The kids got Just Dance 2 for Christmas and I was amazed at how much of a work out it is.
    I begun doing 30 minutes of the Just Sweat Workouts on Just Dance 2 every other day. It amazes me how much I actually do sweat and how well it is working my entire body. My energy level is also up which is very encouraging! The fact that it is fun also makes me less likely to abandon it. I am looking to purchase the Zumba for Wii, but it is out of stock everywhere. Anyone have any other recommendations for Wii games that will encourage me to move my body?

    • Great job Amanda! Way to go! I know I was down 1.5lbs this morning after posting a 0 loss yesterday. Maybe I’ll hit my 5lb loss by Saturday for wine after all! :)

  8. I’m not weighing in, but I can tell I haven’t lost much.

    My progress – drank about 40 oz of water Monday-Wednesday last week. Got a really sore throat Thursday so water sounded gross.

    Most importantly, I haven’t had a piece of chocolate in 2011. Nutella is my saving grace. Is it cheating? Probably. But it’s not nearly as bad as chocolate :)

  9. Daria, a tip I have is to always have snacks on the go so you don’t find yourself starving and will grab anything. I would love to participate on your blog. Let me know what! This is terrific and you are doing great!

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