3 Years Ago Thursday – Meeting Chloe

3 Years Ago Thursday – Meeting Chloe

Three years ago yesterday, I met by baby girl.  Weighing in at 8#9oz, she was my middle sized baby.  Big brother having set the record at 9#4oz four years earlier.

A friend once told me that God only gives you what you can handle, and apparently he doesn’t think we can handle very much!  Our babies were very easy, healthy, not colicky,  good sleepers and eaters from the minute they came into the world.  Chloe fit right in with the rest of the clan.

Last night we had a little cake and presents for her and I reflected on the past three years and my baby girl.  Don’t let her hear me say that though – according to Chloe she is a BIG girl now.

Chloe Jessa (CJ) came into the world with a trail to blaze.  She is an incredibly unique little girl with a quirky personality and unending supply of funny faces.  Her internal fire shines out of her pores.

She is a go getter with a no holds barred approach to life.  She is incredibly intelligent and uses words like delicious and actually on a regular basis.  She recognizes most of the alphabet on sight and can carry a conversation with me as well as her 9 year old sister does.

Chloe loves animals.   She loves to pet them, kiss them, love on them and play with them.  In this, she takes after me.

We almost didn’t have Chloe.  My husband made an appointment for a vasectomy and when he called to tell me, my gut reaction was “No.  There is another child for us.”   Chloe was born a year later.

I am probably strange in that I can tell you each time, day and location, that I conceived.  Chloe was a gift to us at a time when we had just lost Great-Grandpa.  I look at her some days and wonder if a part of his spirit is captured in her smile, if her gregarious nature comes from him, or her nearly green eyes are from his genes.  Ultimately it doesn’t matter.  She is her own person.

Chloe is a comedian, exudes confidence, and loves being one of the girls.  She wears her big sister’s dresses for multiple days in a row, has her “princess” clothes and accoutrements and we can tell by the sparkle in her eye that she knows she rules the hearts of everyone that meets her.

Chloe will run to me, or her dad, or her sister, or her brothers, or even near strangers – thrilled to see us at the end of the day.   Her arms are outstretched and her entire face and being is lit up as she runs to us calling our name.  It’s amazing.  She shares this love and warmth with others too.  She asks to be held by near strangers, she inherently knows that cuddling on grandma’s lap makes her heart melt, and she has a huge smile or a silly face for anyone that is feeling a little blue.

I recently read a post about an angel and as I’m writing this post it occurred to me that Chloe is my angel.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all my kids and they each bring a different personality and strengths/weaknesses to the table.   Chloe’s greatest strength is her happiness and the hope and love she gives me.  For that, she is my angel.

I am not the only one that she works this magic upon.  Her oldest brother would ask to hold her even when we were at school functions.  Even at 13 with the normal teenager pressures to be “cool”, he couldn’t resist his baby sister.

Her next older brother was no different.  He would hold her every day that he saw her (when not at his mom’s) and tell her how much he loved her.    He wasn’t trying to impress me with his devotion to her, he just fell under her spell and couldn’t help himself.  It was beautiful to see his adoration and love of his baby sister. My daughter is a bright, shining light that I have been blessed to have in my life.  She is compassionate, intelligent, funny, and a lot of fun to be around.  I am very lucky that little voice said “No! We have one more waiting for us.”    She completes our family in more ways than one.

I can’t imagine life without her and can only anticipate the amazing things she is going to do if her first 3 years are any indication.    Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

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  1. This is lovely, and I can just feel your love for Chloe (which was the name I was going to give William, but he didn’t have the right parts) in your words. Isn’t the love we feel for our children amazing?! Happy Birthday to Chloe.

    xo Erin

    • Thanks Erin! It has surprised me how much this little girl has my heart wrapped around her finger. She is in constant motion and constantly learning, which translates to constantly making a mess – yet I just melt. Not logical at all! :)

      Thank you for the Birthday wishes!

      btw – what is #shecon? I saw you are looking for sponsors on your site… also, love the Cat photo series! Especially the flat faced gray one… :)

  2. What a wonderful story. My son turne 3 at Christmas and I know he is a part of my daughter who was killed at 16 as he has her eyes and hair and a lot of the ways she acted. I wish you and your family a nice week and her a Happy Birthday.

    • Thank you so much Glenda! I am so sorry for your loss. I wish no one ever had to bury a child. No matter what age – 70 or 2. I am very glad you can see her in your son! I love that Chloe is our Great-Grandpa’s baby. It keeps him closer to us somehow. Hope your weekend is fantastic also!

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