Empty Trunk – Week 4

Empty Trunk – Week 4

For those of you just joining us – Welcome!

This is titled Emptying the Trunk because it is our goal to get the junk out of our respective trunks, or reduce the size of our booties if you go the pirate pun route.   Either way, the intent is that it is open to anyone and is a community all working toward losing weight and getting more fit.  We hold each other accountable, not by any mean methods, but just by asking how things are going.  We also support and encourage and share our tips that work for us.   To join, all you have to do is leave a comment letting us know you want to be part of this community.  Easy, right?  It would help if you leave your twitter name too since much of our during the week support is via twitter.  If you don’t have twitter, don’t worry, once a week emails and once a week posts will keep you on track.

If you want to catch up:  Intro – Week 1 Week 2 Week 3

Good choices I made this week:

  1. Did not drink wine all week.  Crazy? Or Genius?
  2. Ate a lot of apples and bananas.
  3. Tried to drink more water (was mostly unsuccessful).
  4. Stopped drinking coffee on Wednesday.
  5. Played Wii Fit with the kids and walked on the treadmill once.

So, did it work?

  • Start – Dec. 20 – 70 lbs to lose
  • Week 1 – minus 0.5 = 69.5  lbs to lose
  • Week 2 – minus 2.0 = 67.5 lbs to lose
  • Week 3 – minus 0.0 = 67.5 lbs to lose
  • Week 4 – minus 2.0 = 65.5  lbs to lose (total to date – 4.5)

This does not technically meet my criteria for allowing me to drink wine for a day.  I set a target of only having wine after each 5 pounds that I lose.  However, tonight is my wine and board games party with friends and so I am going to give myself that 0.5 pound variance, accept that it will affect how long it takes to reach the next 5, and enjoy my party.  That is part of the goal – fitting life into this #emptytrunk adventure so it is sustainable.

*Please note I have changed my weigh-in day to Saturday so I could post without the dehydration I expect from tonight’s wine affecting my weight.  This also puts me on the same schedule as Lori  @  A Day in Motherhood,  my cohost of this endeavor!


Things I did this week that I can change for next week include:

  • Never met my 10,000 steps goal
  • Only used the treadmill once
  • Ate some chocolate bars
  • Had seconds for dinner almost every night

So, I will try to do better this week, but am very happy with my 2 pounds and will take it!  How did you do?

Here’s who has signed up for our #emptytrunk challenge:

Weight Loss Tip

Tip 1:  My tip for the week was given to me by my friend Heather’s husband – David.  He has lost a ton of weight and gotten buff using P90X.  I asked if caffeine, even in diet sodas, was negative if you were trying to lose weight.  He shared a paragraph from the P90X book that I am paraphrasing here:

Caffeine and artificial sugar boost insulin production and cortisol production – both of which encourage your body to store fat.

Hmm, I am trying to stop drinking coffee in response to his insight, but haven’t gotten to the soda yet.  I figure coffee has 3 times as much caffeine and I use the flavored creamers with artificial sweeteners so if I had to choose one or the other coffee was the best one to work on first.  Granted, I don’t have to choose one or the other, but for me to stick to this I can’t just go cold turkey.  These are lifestyle changes (hopefully) and one new habit at a time is just fine with me!

With that and the wine avoidance I am no longer on an upper (coffee)/downer (wine) cycle!  That alone has to count for something right?

Tip 2:  Comes from @PaulakPorter on last night’s #wineparty tweets.   She suggests using salad plates instead of dinner plates to help you with portion control.  I had heard this tip from a Weight Watcher’s group, but had forgotten.  Also, Paula is the first person I know that came to the realization that our plates are significantly bigger than they used to be via personal revelation.  She was unpacking her grandma’s china and thought the dinner plates were salad plates because of the size difference!  After realizing how much our plates (portions) have grown over the past 50 years, she now uses a variety of salad plates instead of dinner plates and it works!

Ok, ladies.  How did you do?  Would you please let me know this week’s loss and your total loss to date?  If you have a post about your weight loss, please link it up!

Thank you!  Also what is your one tip that works for you?

Please welcome Jill too!  She lost 40 pounds by choosing healthier snack options and shares them on her website JillSnackSpot.  She has agreed to help us with our snacking woes!

11 Responses to Empty Trunk – Week 4

  1. Kuddos to you for being so honest with yourself and sharing it with the world. You gave me courage to do the same :-)

    I started my weight loss journey the beginning of the year and have lost 10lbs to date. *Planned* to work out daily. No workout for me though, besides running after my kids… Still trying to work that into my schedule.

    I’ve cut out carbs and sugars. No sodas, sweets, or starches. I eat more tuna and protein. I always have healthy snacks around and count calories… I try to stay between 1200-1400 calories a day.

    I need to increase my water intake.

    My goal this week: Drink more water and do some sort of exercise at home after kids go to bed.
    I will refrain myself from using the computer until I do some exercise… every night.

    • Wow! Ten pounds is fantastic! I don’t think I can sustain no carbs. I have lost a ton of weight on ATkins in the past and may end up going there, but for now I’m trying just small changes and see what happens. Exercise is definitely NOT getting done and that’s not ok because I am woefully out of shape too. One step at a time… Thanks for joining! Glad to have you. :)

  2. Congrats on all your accomplishments this week.I had a successful week as well. Worked out mon-thur didn’t have any chocolate. Whew!!!!!!I’m still drinking coffee but I’ll get there. I’m excited about next week.

    • Yay Nicole! Want to share your weight loss this week? Or your total loss to date? Any tips on how to stay motivated to stick to your workout schedule?

      • My tip to stay on my workout schedule is to go early if you can. I go 6am each morning. I love getting out the house & away from family. That makes my workout,”me time”. That also puts on track to having a successful day. Also, after I workout I drink a protein shake. When working out we break down muscle so we have 30min to restore that muscle. Lastly, I make sure I eat breakfast. An english muffin, yogurt, turkey sausage. Light but filling. All this let’s me know that I’m putting me first.

        I’m choke the hell out this scale! I think its playing tricks on me. Last week I was down 8lbs this week it says I gained 5 back. When I first started I weighed 203. Now I’m 200. Not what I want to see but I’m still moving forward! :)

  3. O.k. I am really upset this week. I am down 1305 LESS calories from last week, I burned 705 calories MORE in exercise than last week and I drank 48 ounces of water EVERY day and I GAINED 3.4 pounds!!!!!!!! I am so mad. Yes you can add that to the list. I don’t get it. I have eliminated ALL my sugar, all my caffeine, all my junk food, all my candy, and all my alcohol which in total probably amounted to 2,000 calories a week. So WHAT am I doing wrong??? I don’t want to give up but I am so frustrated. I have too much to lose so I cannot afford to give up, I am determined to lose this weight once and for all. Any ideas on what I could be doing wrong?


    • Great Courage Cynthia posting this comment! I am proud of you. I don’t have any great ideas because it seems as though you have made all the right choices. Have you had your thyroid checked? I was HOPING I had a thyroid problem because that is a magic fix :), but no such luck, just eating too much.

      I can absolutely relate to your frustration! Have you gotten a new scale recently or any reason it isn’t working?

      Other than that I can only think salt, or menstrual cycle is retaining water or bloating and should work itself out next week. Try keeping track of fiber too as increasing fiber can help with bloating…

  4. Ok- no beating ones self up, Cynthia!!! All kinds of things can lead to “faux” weight gain. Your body could be retaining all of that water if it was thirsty before! My biggest help, I think, is that I cut out salt – which retains water. I still have my coffee, I still have sweets, I still have a beer here and there, and I am losing. I really think next week, you will really see the fruits of your labor and this week your body is holding on to water because of all of the drastic changes! HANG IN THERE!! IT WORKS!!!

  5. Okay, I am not going to complain. I lost 1/2 pound. I’m okay with that. My goal was to lose 2 pounds. Take in the fact that this is my “special” week I think I did well.

    I am a snacker. And when I say snacker, I mean SNACKER! I constantly have the munchies. Most of the time I can chew gum to satisfy that feeling. But lately I have been using food because I want something hard and crunchy and sweet. So this week, I have been using food, but I have chosen nuts. Sunflower, almonds, pecans, etc. I also have a sweet tooth. So when that hits me, I’ll make a fresh fruit smoothie that is pretty much nothing but fruit, water, cinnamon and a hint of splenda. So far that has helped a lot. We will see what happens next week. LOL

    Thanks again!

  6. Changed my end day of the week to Sunday instead of Monday..loss this week 0.6 lbs, total for 2 weeks 1.1 lbs. ;0)

    My tip is to help with water drinking try adding in any combination: lemon, lime, orange, cucumber, fresh mint, or a splash of your favorite juice. It also helps to have everything sliced up & ready to go.

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