Wordless Wednesday – “Men w/o Adult Supervision – Transportation Series”

Wordless Wednesday – “Men w/o Adult Supervision – Transportation Series”

My dad sent me an email with these great pictures in it.  I shared the Christmas ones first, then last week’s theme was the MacGyver Edition, and this week we have creative transportation.   I could absolutely see my husband do any of these.  In fact, we have had a jet ski in the back of our Tahoe before…

And my absolute favorite…

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  1. This is totally spot-on! I love the last one, too. I guess we should be thankful though that the guy was (just about) sensible enough to try this on a country lane.

    When we made a family road-trip from the East coast to the West coast of Saudi Arabia recently, we saw a camel sitting in the back of an ISUZU pick-up truck, racing along the highway at around 140km/hr.
    It’s a shame I couldn’t capture it on camera :)

  2. Are you kidding me?! Hahahaha! Those are great! I could totally see someone from around here putting a jet ski in their trunk. The steer is a very interesting form of transportation for that. Wow…

    Take care,

  3. Hello Daria,

    Why not? This picture shows productivity… I like them all. It’s cool and cute to see both the guy and his cow. It looks like they are really attached to each other. :)

  4. Oh, I just love the creative transportation photos! That’s so cute that your dad sends funny pics.

    It’s ironic to see this series, as I was just downloading pics for an upcoming picture only blog post. Sometimes I get tired of my written voice…others may, as well;).

    Thanks for spreading the humor!

    • The bull was my favorite of this week’s too! So cute – the side door shot being my fav… the guy and the bull both seem to just be enjoying an afternoon drive together.

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