Guest Posting Today – Who’s your BFF?

Guest Posting Today – Who’s your BFF?

I am honored to contribute to Gina’s Friendship Series over at Special Happens.   Remember my favorite post of the year that I brought to your attention last week?  That is part of this Friendship series.  The Series has some great posts about struggling with finding friends for your kids with special needs, identifying the friends that will show up with a shovel to help you bury a dead body, and plenty more.  Go check it out – but you may as well start with mine.

Here is an excerpt to whet your palette:

When we’re in school, our group of potential friends is huge. We interact daily with hundreds (sometimes thousands) of people with similar interests to us, within 3 years of our same age, and of our same generation. Of course, it’s easy to make ten or twenty friends. Look at the pool we have to choose from!

As an adult, it isn’t as easy. We don’t have hundreds of compatible people in our immediate vicinity with an excuse to engage them. We also don’t have tons of free time to spend developing those relationships, so our focus narrows. We tend to multi-task and make friends where it is convenient.

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