Empty Trunk – Week 7 – Weight Loss

Empty Trunk – Week 7 – Weight Loss

I was sick this week and left my water bottle at a friend’s house.  You’d be surprised how much the water bottle I use makes a difference!  I like the ones with a large straw.  Mine isn’t anything special, just a Rubbermaid that I got from Target a couple of years ago, but I’ve been to 3 Targets and they don’t sell them any more.   I either need to get it back or get on E-bay because my water intake is suffering for lack of the right straw!


  • Only had one soda and 2 coffees.  Yes, this breaks my Zero soda/coffee plan, but is still significantly lower intake than previously.
  • Ate high fiber oatmeal for breakfast.
  • Bought a new pedometer – Wow, am I walking more steps!  I think this one is just more accurate (sensitive) that the last rather than an increase in exercise.
  • Ate fruit and nuts as snacks on my way home from work.   Helped curb appetite.


  • Didn’t exercise.
  • Not enough water.
  • Fast food twice.

So, did it work?

  • Start – Dec. 20 – 70 lbs to lose
  • Week 7 – minus 1.0 = 62.0  lbs to lose
  • Total to date – minus 8.0

I am happy with an average of 1 pound a week with the small changes that I’ve made.   I do know that some of our members are using Nutri-System – Leilani @ Soleil Selene – and some are doing on-line Weight Watchers – Lori  @  A Day in Motherhood – so if you are thinking you want a more formal program I’m sure they are happy to tell you the pros and cons!

By the way, I posted my wedding picture because this is the weight I am striving for!  Size 8.   I did take my before pictures (hanging head in shame) and am thinking I will repeat for every 10lbs lost.  Then maybe a panorama at the end of progress and what 10lbs looks like?  But for now – until the now pictures aren’t so embarrassing – I’m focusing on my goal for encouragement.

How did you do?

Here’s who has signed up for our #emptytrunk challenge.  How did they do this week?

Weekly Tip

Tip 1:  Get the right water bottle!  One that encourages you to drink water without even thinking about it.

Please note the Weight Loss page I added.    There are some offers – free weeks at Bally’s and Curves – free recipe books etc.   It is a little crowded and not as asthetically pleasing as it will become – definitely a work in progress, but please make any suggestions that will help you!  Also, if interested, I started a Facebook group page that I would love to invite you to join.  Would you please provide a link to your facebook or friend me (not Mim) on Facebook and then it is easy to invite you.

20 Responses to Empty Trunk – Week 7 – Weight Loss

  1. Hey all! Feeling better about my weight loss this week. I think I understand what was wrong. One major component, not enough sleep. I have horrible insomnia. I had not slept in almost a week and suddenly last Sunday exhaustion kicked in and I slept all day Monday and most of Monday night and all this week I have been sleeping well. I got up and weighed Thursday and low and behold I had lost 2.4 lbs this week giving me a total loss of 3.6 up to today. I also have increased my protein intake. I feel great, have more energy and my body aches are virtually gone. So I am encouraged by the scale finally staying in the negative direction.

  2. So proud of you for not giving up! I am glad you are sleeping more for your own sanity, but also because there is a pretty direct correlation between sleep and weight loss. Yippee!! :)

  3. I’m doing great on the Nutrisystem program! Granted, I’m only on Day 3, but today I jumped on the scale and to my surprise, I’m already down 5.6 lbs. I thought it might be a mistake, but I weighed myself again and got the same number. I’ll let you know how the end of my first week went when I weigh myself on Thursday morning. :)

  4. So far, a total weight loss of 16 lbs. since Jan 1, 2011.

    Sticking to eating a 1000-1200 calorie diet. The first few weeks were the hardest. It’s getting easier to swat the devil off my shoulder when staring at the Buy one Get one FREE Ice cream special. :0)

    BTW- Getting ready to publish my new website (www.modernmommysonline.com) Would love some inpute before taking it live! Thanks!!

    • You are doing awesome! That is a really strict caloric intake. I imagine it was pretty hard to adjust to – would be for me anyway. Great job. 16 lbs has to be visible, don’t you think?

  5. Down 0.6 this week so that is a total of 5.6 lbs so far. Worked out hard this week but did have a couple of stress eating sessions & ice cream too. Very happy with the positive loss and not a gain. Did not walk at lunch due to temps.

    • Good job Heather! What would life be like without ice cream any way? You have upped your exercise SO much in the past month. You should be very proud of yourself and happy with that loss. Keep it up!

  6. What a beautiful pic!

    No weight loss as of yet, but at least I am back on track after a vicious sinus infection. I did three Zumba workouts this past week and feel great. Something about doing these Zumba workouts seems to boost my energy level which is a huge plus.

    I’m so ready for warmer temps so I can get out & walk the dog more often! That would be a great addition to my workout routine.

    I am not good at dieting persay, but am thinking about trying to go meat-free at least one day per week (and hopefully increasing it to 2 days by Spring). This will be a huge adjustment for my family so we’ll see how it goes!

    Does anyone have any great meat-free recipes?

    • I have heard such great things about Zumba. Will you guys hold me accountable for contacting the church on my corner with the Zumba classes sign? I keep meaning to and never do it. It is SO close and finger’s x’d may even be affordable!

      That meat free idea is a great one. Try substituing beans since they are full of protein. Chili is a great dish that it is difficult to tell if it has meat in it or not. My hubs was shocked the first time I made him a meal without meat. He couldn’t understand that there wasn’t meat and some starch involved. He’s learned though! :) Oh, and pastas are good without meat too. Alfredo with broccoli and red peppers and mushrooms is delish!

  7. so last week was really bad and don’t know if I gained or lost because I was afraid toget on schedule..But starting this week off right..Was already at the gym and doing the Couch to 5K program because there are a couple of 5K’s here that I want to run in and can’t wait for the weather toget warmer so that I can run early in the morning along the boardwalk and look at the ocean…Started off eating right also..So I am giving myself High 5’s…Getting ready to sign up for Weight Watchers online also…

    • You DESERVE high 5’s! Great going with the gym and Couch to 5K program. The scale isn’t the end all be all judge of your success. Setting physical goals is much more effective at helping with metabolism, fitness level, and ultimately weight. So you are doing great!!

  8. I didn’t get a chance to post on Twitter this week, but my weigh in went pretty good. I somehow survived dinner with friends, a birthday party and Super Bowl and still lost two pounds. WW is really working for me. :)

    • Woot! Lots of WW love this week. Lori mentioned that fruit is now considered in the 0 points which is amazing. I can eat apples and bananas all day! Congratulations on your 2lb loss. That is fantastic and great work fitting *life* into your eating plans! :)

  9. I’m doing WW online – and LOVE IT! I have the mobile app for my iphone so it’s super easy to keep track of everything or search point values in the store.

    My 3rd week weigh in is Wednesday, but as of now….12 pound loss!


    • Absolutely Melissa! Mostly it’s just a peer support group where we share our weigh in once a week and share tips that have worked and struggles we are having. There is a comment group on Facebook. Will you send me the link to your facebook? I’ll invite you to that also. Other than that, just check back on Saturdays and comment! Also, if you have twitter, we check in with each other during the week… again just let me know your twitter handle and I’ll add you to the #emptytrunk list.

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