Wardrobe Do’s and Don’ts for Business Socializing

Wardrobe Do’s and Don’ts for Business Socializing

I think one of the most ambiguous wardrobe questions is what to wear when in a social situation with clients.   I just returned from a 3 day business trip – 32 men and me.  During those 3 days we had lots of work meetings, but we also went to dinner and a baseball game in a luxury suite.

Thankfully there wasn’t any time between our meeting and dinner the first night.  Therefore, we all just wore our “corporate” attire.

Baseball was a different ball game though. :)

I ended up in navy capris, heeled sandals, a white sweater tank with a white blouse over it like a jacket.   Some of the men chose to wear cargo shorts and flip flops.  Others were in slacks and polos.

There is no way I would have felt comfortable wearing shorts.  Nor, did I think a tank top was appropriate.  I have this image that appropriate attire for social business entertaining is the J.Crew or Neiman Marcus casual clothing look.

Yet, I felt a little silly when the men clearly didn’t think twice about wearing ball caps and shorts with flip flops.

Any insight?  What do you wear to social client events such as this?

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    • I checked out the site you had linked to your last comment, but it didn’t seem like you were currently working on that one. Which site are you starting? If the topics are similar maybe we can collaborate and guest post on each others’ or something.

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