What is the Story of your Marriage?  February Series

What is the Story of your Marriage? February Series

February is the month of love ~ what better month to launch a Series about Marriage.

Whether you are newlyweds or have been married for decades, you may be prompted by the love in the air, or the copious decorations and advertisements abounding in stores, to reflect on your marriage this month.  Everyone’s marriage is different and I thought it would be fun to hear different voices and different stories from various writers.  Twelve amazing writers contributed to the Series – each and every one is a brilliant post.


Could your marriage be softened? by Gina from Special Happens

Is Your Marriage Underrated? by Scott from This Daddy’s Blog

Pepe Le Pew & You – Breaking Through Sexual Gridlock- Miriam from Helping Couples Grow

Give a Little to Take a Little - Allison from Alli n Son

And They Lived Happily Ever After….Not! – Daria from Mom in Management

7 Marriage Lessons in 7 Years by Elizabeth from The First Dance

Peaks & Valleys of Love by Mandy from Mandyland

Can I be Married & Still be Myself? by Irene Savarese from Relationship Counseling Blog

And Baby Makes a Family by Kathy Morelli from Birthtouch Counseling & Training.

5 Predictors of a Successful Marriage by Dr. Athena Staik from Psych Central

And Sometimes we Dance by Samantha from A Spoonful of Sugar

The Art of Effective Nagging by Blessing from Working Mom Journal

My Prince is Charming by Amanda from Parenting BY Dummies

Go ahead and follow all these lovely people!  Great bloggers, all of them.

**This is the 2nd Series hosted on Mom in Management.  The first ~ Secrets of Executive Image ~ can be found Here.

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  1. […] If your feeling the season of Valentines or thinking about your marriage check out my post over at Mom In Management, “Could Your Marriage Be Softened?” This may be true for many of the marriages in the special needs community…or any marriage. While you’re there, check out her other posts in her current series, What’s The Story of Your Marriage? […]

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