Empty Trunk – Week 8 – Weight Loss

Empty Trunk – Week 8 – Weight Loss

I had a crappy week as it relates to smart food choices.  Fast food, wine, sodas, coffee and just too much food in general.   It is the week before that time and I had a few lunches out that didn’t include salads.   Not that those are excuses, just observations.  I am finding that having a routine has helped me – oatmeal for breakfast, healthy choice or lean cuisine for lunch and apples for snacks.  When I can’t follow my game plan it really throws me off…Hmm, what to do about that.

I don’t know that there were any positives to speak of, but am going to pick myself up and Sunday is a new day and a new week.

  • Start – Dec. 20 – 70 lbs to lose
  • Week 7 – plus 1.5 = 63.5  lbs to lose
  • Total to date – minus 6.5

How did you do?

Weekly Tip

Tip 1:  Find a routine that works for you and if you don’t do well for a meal or a day or a week, the next day is always a new day and ready for better choices.

Please note the Weight Loss page I added.    There are some offers – free weeks at Bally’s and Curves – free recipe books etc.   It is a little crowded and not as asthetically pleasing as it will become – definitely a work in progress, but please make any suggestions that will help you!  Also, if interested, I started a Facebook group page that I would love to invite you to join.  Would you please provide a link to your facebook or friend me (not Mim) on Facebook and then it is easy to invite you.

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  1. Hey all. This has been a satisfying week diet wise. I am 7.6 lbs down total. YAY!! The scale finally started to move. It was an emotional week at my house with my ex-BIL’s unexpected untimely death and the funeral, which I could not attend due to the snowstorm :(. But I did manage NOT to emotionally eat even though the urge was there. For now I am going to keep on keepin’ on and I will let you know if anything changes. Hope you all have a great week!

  2. Well did have a couple of bad choice dinners, but most of the week went great..Scale shows a 2 pound gain, but right now I am not to worried about that, because I have a feeling it is water retention..Finished first week of the Couch to 5K Program and I am really looking forward to hitting the gym tomorrow to start up the second week..It is really easy to follow and keeps your mind going as you are working out on the treadmill making it not boring..

    I have to agree with you Daria today is a new day the start of a new week..I am starting to prepare for dinner right now..Good Luck this week and good luck to everyone else… I really have to say that for me right now grapes are an easy snack…

    • I just got two full bags of grapes at the store $0.88 a pound at Sunflower Market Denver-ites. I would have had a ton of snacking food if my 3 year old hadn’t used 1/2 of them as ammunition at the dogs! Ugh – what a mess.

  3. Way to keep it up Barb! My first couple of weeks did not show very much either. Our Bodies go into shock in the being and revert to natural instinct which is to try to keep it but as we keep doing it the results come. Just like we see in the Biggest Loser.

    • Great week Heather, I know how you are with stress and was so worried about you with the Science Fair..

      WOOHOO!!! great lose on your inches Congrats!!! and ((((hugs)))) Glad you could get together with Daria for some laughs yes that does make for a great stress relief finding that time to be with our girlfriends make for a great stress relief…

      Have a great week this week and keep it up can’t wait to see you when I come out..

  4. This week was another stressful week, but because of last week I was a little more aware of the choices I was making. Science Fair day, I did not take care of myself and that was a big mistake. I did not drink water and ate sporadically.

    I worked out hard this week to help reduce some of the stress. It worked some! The best thing I did was visit Daria to help me laugh to get rid of the doldrums. Laughing is great medicine!

    My results for the week a 1.6 lbs loss, for a total of 7.2 lbs. I am very, very happy! Last week I took my measurements, 3 inches from the girls and 1 from the trunk. I find this typical! You concentrate on the hips and thighs and fate says “Let’s make it look bigger by reducing the top half!” I think it is hilarious! I am determined to keep at it. Because if nothing else that competitive gene in me will not fail me!

    My tip this week try some Yoga one day a week.

    • ROFL! Way to go Heather. Good job on the loss. I am still chuckling over the girls and the trunk. That is SO true! Happens to me every time too. I may need to borrow your measuring tape to log my inches…

  5. Wow! Everyone is doing so well!!! I can’t complain here – I haven’t been exercising, but am down 6.5 overall. The weather is trying to break here in SC, so I plan to get my wog on soon! (That’s my collective walk/jog – ‘cuz it sure isn’t a run! lol)
    Happy Valentine’s Day to all – and keep up the great work! I’m off to drink more water – hope you are too! Mmmwahh! From anje :)

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