Empty Trunk – Week 9 – Weight Loss

Empty Trunk – Week 9 – Weight Loss

This week was the end of that week.   It seems to make such a huge difference, that I’m going to start keeping track of how much timing during the month affects my weight.  I also haven’t been drinking as much water as I should and am going to attribute a good portion of this week’s loss to being dehydrated and also maybe overcoming last week’s gain.  That weight sure can fluctuate a ton on a daily basis!

My one goal that I put in our facebook group was to call the church on the corner that offers Zumba classes and find out if they are open to the public and the times, etc.  I did not do that, but will commit to doing it this weekend.

Other than that not much different than the past few weeks – apples are fabulous this time of year and are keeping my snacks on track – not much exercise – and I found the Active Lifestyle Oatmeal I like so much for breakfast at King Soopers (Kroger) so bought four boxes.

  • Start – Dec. 20 – 70 lbs to lose
  • Week 9 – minus 4.5 = 59.0  lbs to lose
  • Total to date – minus 11.0

I am thrilled with 4.5 pounds.  I know it isn’t all “real” weight, but that’s the largest week’s loss I’ve EVER had in  my life.  I am thrilled!  Granted I gained last week, so am glad it got taken off.


    We have TWO members that have been selected to be Nutrisystem National Bloggers.  Go ahead and check out their progress as they participate!

    This is one of the first bloggers that inspired me to start working on my weight.  She posted progress pictures this week and is doing AMAZING.  Go check them out.

    These folks have joined the Empty Trunk Facebook Support Group – commenting during the week on successes and temptations, etc.  Want to join us?  Go here. (That is the link to the site.  If it doesn’t allow you to ask to join, then email me or comment and I’ll figure it out.)

    One of our members just needs a little extra love this week.  Please let her know you are thinking of her.

    How about you?  Any news to celebrate?  Progress to report? Tips to share?

    Weekly Tip

    Tip:   Set up a support system.  Someone or ones that you can turn to when you are tempted to “cheat”, that will hold you accountable for good choices, and that will celebrate your successes with you.

    Please note the Weight Loss page I added.    There are some offers – free weeks at Bally’s and Curves – free recipe books etc.   It is a little crowded and not as asthetically pleasing as it will become – definitely a work in progress, but please make any suggestions that will help you!  Also, if interested, I started a Facebook group page that I would love to invite you to join.  Would you please provide a link to your facebook or friend me (not Mim) on Facebook and then it is easy to invite you.

    10 Responses to Empty Trunk – Week 9 – Weight Loss

    1. Congrats on the weight loss!!!!! Yeah this has been a hard week for me. I have been emotionally eating worrying about everything, and no exercise this week being buried in homework the way I was, no time. But thank goodness I did not gain any so I am still at 7.6 down. I will start over today and see where it goes. Thanks for your prayers and everything. See ya next week.

    2. Okay, I’m finally checking in. Truth = I haven’t stepped on the scale. My jeans still fit, but are tighter. I haven’t worked out because of the whole jacked back and torn abs thing…but I’m feeling like I’m getting closer. How much closer you ask….I’m awaiting my ‘approval’ to join the facebook group. :-)

      • Me too Nicole. Heather and Cynthia’s posts about the inches they’ve lost have been inspiring. I haven’t noticed anything in my clothes yet – although I hadn’t had this extra 10 on for very long, so expect the next 10 will be more noticeable to me. I think I’ll look for my measuring tape tonight…

    3. Congrats, everyone on your weight loss and WOW Daria 4.5 is amazing. So down 1 pound this week it was really hard exercising and didn’t do the whole 3 days only did 2, but was happy with that. Also, did alittle cheating yesterday so that wasn’t too good, but otherwise was really happy with everything else…

      • Yay, Barb! Down a pound is great! Don’t forget that this is intended to be a sustainable effort which means there will be weeks that exercise is harder to fit in and when cheating happens, but with a downward trend we’ll get there and be happy without burning out. Great job! How’s the couch to 5K program? Do you like it?

      • Thank you Jessie! I’m so glad to have you here. Did you sign up for the photobook giveaway I’m hosting? There is a link in the sidebar… LOW entries!

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