Empty Trunk – Week 10 – Weight Loss

Empty Trunk – Week 10 – Weight Loss

Again this week, I did not call the corner church about Zumba.  Darn them, I wish they had the phone # on the Zumba sign!  But as I was typing this I was finally guilted into making that call because I didn’t want another week to go by with me not following through.  Yay for accountability!  I left a voicemail asking if Zumba was open to the public – so step one is taken!

This week was fairly normal, no big successes or fails.   I am finding that my routine of Active Lifestyle Oatmeal for breakfast then Lean Cuisine for lunch with apples for snack in the morning and afternoon is really helping stay on track.  I did eat lunch out a couple of days this week and went out for wine with some girlfriends after work last night, but would rate this week as a 7 regarding weight loss commitment.


  • Start – Dec. 20 – 70.5 lbs to lose
  • Week 10 – minus 0.5 = 58.5  lbs to lose
  • Total to date – minus 12.0

I am thrilled with 1/2 a pound because it means that not only did last week’s 4.5 pound loss stick, but I even lost a bit more.  Yippee!  I did get a new scale that reads in 0.2lb increments, but for ease of reporting am going to continue to track in 1/2 pound sections.

Just in case you’re curious, the two scales read the same yesterday when I first weighed with both, but this morning were 1.5 pounds off from each other.  The new one being more consistent with yesterday than the old one, so I am definitely switching.


We have TWO members that have been selected to be Nutrisystem National Bloggers.  Go ahead and check out their progress as they participate!

Empty Trunk Facebook Group

These folks have joined the Empty Trunk Facebook Support Group – commenting during the week on successes and temptations, etc.  Want to join us?  Go here. (That is the link to the site.  If it doesn’t allow you to ask to join, then email me or comment and I’ll figure it out.)

How about you?  Are you using a specific program – Weight Watchers, Medi-Fast, Couch to 5K or others?

Any news to celebrate?  Progress to report? Tips to share?

Weekly Tip

Tip:   Figure out a meal plan that works for you then stick to it as much as possible.  Vary when you get bored, but until then, if it works – then use it!

Resources from Affiliates

By the way, if your taxes are fairly straightforward, TurboTax is offering their program + e-file for FREE!

Anyone going to use their tax return for a weight loss program?

8 Responses to Empty Trunk – Week 10 – Weight Loss

  1. Hey all. I weighed this morning and I did not lose and I did not gain, still the same. This is the third week for the plateau, but I have had a few days I went over my calorie count. Exercise is still a challenge but I am still figuring out what works best for me. So onto next week maybe it will be better.

  2. Great determination Cynthia. You are doing great and going over a few days is part of life. Plus cortisol (stress hormone) causes us to gain weight, so with everything going on, you are doing great to maintain instead of gain!

  3. Way to go Daria! I too went to girls night out and had a great time and able to stay in my goals and eat what I wanted just not the whole thing. 2 lbs down this week for a total of 9.4. Used the Lose it app for my phone and found that it did not take too much time and was easy to use. Had to be creative with exercise portion since I could not find what I do on there and I do not have a heart monitor but they have the basic stuff.

  4. Way to go guys on your weight loss and exercising…Great job Daria with calling about Zumba!!! Heather so happy for you with your 2 lb weight loss..

    As for me I weighed myself today and it shows I gained a pound, but really not sure if that is accurate as I weighed after exercising and also drinking almost 4 glasses of water..I am also using the Lose It app on my phone and had to be creative with exercise portion..I am now on Week 4 of the Couch to 5K program but actually working on a combination of Week 2 & 3 as finding it hard to do week 3 totally and my shin muscles are really tight & sore so I want to read up on some different stretches…All In All I am happy about what I am doing as I know I am eating right and exercising, but still would like to see a weight loss drop..I know eventually it will all click…Have a good week all…

      • Daria, $5 is very reasonable, when we had the class it was $10 so $5 is great..Have a great time I know you will love it, bring alot of water because it is a great workout..

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