Guest Post:  My Prince is Charming

Guest Post: My Prince is Charming

By Parenting BY Dummies

I always knew I was going to get married one day.

Because that’s just what princesses do.

What I didn’t know was that my prince charming would come in a slightly different package than the one Disney had allowed me to envision.

He’s still tallish, dark, and handsome in-a-non-Disney-sorta-way.

But, there are so many other things about my prince and my happy ending that I didn’t plan for.

Like that I would gain 60 pounds and he would still fit in the bed with me.

Or that we would be the parents to three sons and I would be okay with not ever being mommy to a girly princess to make into my mini me (okay, so I’m not 100% okay with this, but I’m working on it).

Even though my life has not gone down the exact path my hours spent playing M.A.S.H  predicted it would (it always said I’d wind up with a mansion and six kids, I’m willing to sacrifice the mansion for a promise from the M.A.S.H gods that the six kids thing isn’t gonna happen), I know that it’s perfect.

Not we-don’t-have-any-problems-ever-because-we-are-that-awesome perfect; just I-can’t-ask-for-anything-more-since-Justin-Timberlake-is-already-sorta-taken perfect.

But, even if you’re not seeing the world through sleep deprived eyes that cloud your ability to decipher reality, I’ve learned that more than anything it’s about perception.

And, if you change it just a little, maybe the gargoyle you married will be the prince charming you imagined too you will be able to love your prince because of his shortcomings and not just in spite of them.

Personally, I’ve found that looking at things this way allows me to not only accept some of the things about him that suck could use improvement, but to also do the same for myself.

It’s like my own little get out of jail free card!

You know, like every time I spend my afternoon eating cupcakes in my garage instead of thawing out dinner and mopping the kitchen floor, I give myself a pass because I know that later he’ll be in his man cave playing the PS3 instead of putting the bloody Christmas decorations back in the attic already something responsible and mundane that he’s been avoiding for weeks.

To me, that’s what makes a marriage so special (well, aside from the bedroom fun parts, and always having someone to ignore Valentine’s Day with); you can be certain that the other person is going to accept you and forgive you and probably even support you even if you are eating yourself into a sugary food coma in the garage in pretty much everything you do.  And, I’m not just talking about the awesome stuff that’s easy to support, but the everyday boring type stuff that most people don’t care about.

It’s having someone to share those daily things with.  To me it’s what makes those daily things, the ones you can’t get away from no matter how hard you try worth it.  Even when that weird little sound he makes when he’s gargling his mouthwash makes you want to kidney punch him in his sleep.  At least you know you’re not alone and, if you’re lucky, you maybe never will be.


Dumb Mom posts at Parenting by Dummies.  Her writing is filled with humor and topics that come up when she is parenting her three boys.  She is sarcastic and smart and an extremely talented photographer.  You can connect with her on her blog and on twitter.

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8 Responses to Guest Post: My Prince is Charming

  1. With our 5 year anniversary coming up on Monday, I had to chuckle my way through this. True love is in the little things, that’s for sure. When you can accept your spouse as they are, faults and all…life does become a fairytale. Maybe not a disney fairytale…but you gain a best friend for life. If I had known better, THAT is what I would have wished for growing up. I definitely have that now. My husband is my best friend, he makes me a better person and accepts me faults and all.

    Sometimes it can get us stuck in a rut though, so there has to be some balance there. It’s great to not have to try so hard, but I do still think both parties should try…you know?

    Thanks for the article! Love it!

  2. I laughed out loud at the Christmas decorations part – it is SO true! We still have some in the garage that haven’t been put away. All the excitement to take them out, but cleaning up isn’t nearly as enticing.

    Thank you so much for sharing your marriage story and humor with us!

  3. I like your humorous way of explaining a very important point: That we create our own story of our marriage. Do we go for the Disney type adventure or another? Best friends and not having to be perfect in your own home – what is perfect anyway? – sounds better to me.

  4. What a great post! I admire your mutual ability to accept each other’s imperfections. I think that’s one of the best things spouses can do for each other.

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