Want the life of your dreams? So do I!

Want the life of your dreams? So do I!

Sometimes I have an idea for an article, but don’t have time to write it out completely.

Other days I have the idea, but the meat of the article hasn’t come to me yet.  The words just aren’t quite ready to unfold.

When inspiration strikes, but it isn’t convenient or isn’t fully fledged, I write a quick blurb – usually 2 or 3 sentences – and save it as a draft in my blog.

Every once in a while I pull the drafts up and take a look to see if any of the topics resonate with me.  Is today the day that thought will fully flourish and the words will fly onto the paper?

Life Drafts

This afternoon I counted 64 drafts waiting in my dashboard.  That is 64 unfinished ideas.  Sixty four potentially brilliant ideas that haven’t been fully developed and haven’t reached their potential.

It got me thinking.  If I have 64 drafts on my 8 month old blog, how many drafts are there on my 37 year old life?

How many thoughts have I had about something I should pursue at work, or home, or with friends that were filed away into my brain’s draft box and never resurrected.  How many fledgling ideas have there been that have withered due to lack of attention.


Ultimately, I think reaching your potential and living the life you want requires vision, passion, and intention.   Those draft ideas need to be treasured, cultivated and intentionally implemented.  Each and every one of us has brilliant thoughts occasionally, it’s the step of filing them into the draft box and then forgetting about them that prevents us from living life to our full potential.

So what’s it going to take for you to start acting on those ideas?  What will it take for you to circle back, remember the thought, and decide if today is the day that thought will fully flourish and your life will flow into brilliance?

You’ll have to answer that for yourself, but here’s mine.

Action Plan

A couple of months ago, Jen Gresham of Everyday Bright inspired me to write my to-be list.  This differs from a to-do list in that it’s bigger picture and helps you focus on what you really want from your life.

Step #1 – Understand your priorities.  Write a to-be list.

Inspired by my blog dashboard, I am going to start recording the thoughts that I have regarding things to do or become or learn in my life.   A bucket list if you will, but geared more toward who I want to become rather than things I want to accomplish.

Step #2 – Document your thoughts.   Create a bucket list.

Periodically, I am going to reflect on my to-be list and my bucket list and see if any thoughts are rising to the top and ready to fly off the paper and into my life. The timing of periodically hasn’t yet been decided, but I’m thinking once a month to start and see how that works.

Step #3 – Reflect.

When the stars align and the timing feels good, I am going to implement change.  I intend to start with small change and work my way up to large shifts in my life, but will not allow fear to be an excuse that says timing isn’t good right now.   It is time to live with intention.

Step #4 – Implement change.  Live with intention.

Stay tuned tomorrow for what I’m doing about mine…

What does your dream life look like?

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23 Responses to Want the life of your dreams? So do I!

  1. Great insight on the connection between blog drafts and real life drafts. I’ll be eager to see what’s on your list!

    One more thing to keep in mind: don’t stress. A to-be list, in particular, can change as our priorities change. If you’re flip-flopping a lot there’s probably something wrong, but every now and then, it’s okay to take something off the list that’s just not important to you anymore.

    Good luck!

    • Absolutely, life needs to be flexible and adjust for your changing circumstances and changing priorities. My high need to be a good mom now will certainly still be there in 20 years, but will not require as much time or attention when the kids are out of college as it does now when they are in elementary school.

      Thank you Jen for all of your encouragement and challenging posts that really make me sit back, think, and mull over what is really important to me. That’s the first step to figuring out how to get it!

  2. Daria – It was so nice to meet you last week at Houston’s. Next time, we need to sit closer together so we can chat. Did you write this blog post with me in mind? I swear this is exactly what I have been struggling with. I have even written posts in Word that never even made it to a draft on my blog. By the time I start thinking about it again, I feel the time has passed for it. My blog is my #1 neglected thing in my life and I feel bad about it. It’s almost like my blog is me and I’m good at putting myself off too. My goals this year include focusing on my writing, my blog and myself. I really like the “to-be list”. Thank you for this post!

    • Thank you Susan! I have really enjoyed meeting the mile hi mamas and getting together for lunch last week was amazing! Are you going to #gno on Sunday? I’m going to try really hard to swing it.

      I have run into that with old drafts too. My inspiration disappeared, or it is no longer timely. But part of that I think is good because the topics that still appeal turn out to be really powerful posts since thye aren’t just a timely topic or fluff stuff.

      • On March 27th, 2010 Hive 76 is hosting a Hack-a-thon weneekd, lasting all day through Sunday, March 28th. That’s right, 36 straight hours of projects, ideas, building, etc. Read up about the event, March Madness, here.

  3. Very inspiring post. I love the idea of a TO BE list. I definitely have a plan that I put in place for myself each year (not resolutions) but I’ll also admit that sometimes I find my days are overtaken with the urgent but not important. As you say, living with intentionality is so very important and it’s only since becoming a mother (with no spare time!!!) that I’ve come to value making each day count and using my time wisely towards my higher purpose. For me, journaling and having a morning devotional practice where I can “check in” with myself has really helped to keep me focus.

    • I have been seeing a lot about meditation and can definitely see the value of adding some to my daily routine. I think that may soon make it to my action plan! :)

      Living with intention sounds so easy doesn’t it? But then life and its distractions enter the picture and it’s easy to get off track. Thank you for stopping by and commenting Portia! So glad you activated your subscription. :)

  4. Daria: I love this! I have a bunch of DRAFTS on my dashboard too. Some just NEED to be deleted when you review them in a week… but some form into really GREAT posts.

    The whole concept of DRAFTS in our lives really resonated with me. I KNOW there are things I have left undone; wishes that are not fulfilled. Not all of them are realistic… but some are certainly attainable. I need to make more of an effort.

    Thanks for giving me some FOOD for THOUGHT today!

    BTW – you comments do it too. I just click in the box a couple of times, and my information pops up! :) yay!

    • Yay! Thank you for letting me know about the commenting field. I much prefer the sites that autofill than the ones that I have to type it all in or “gasp” has a captcha code. :) I am so glad this post resonated with you and others. Maybe it’s mid life crisis, but actively focusing on my direction and life choices has become more important to me this past year. And laughing with you about the whole “realism” concept of some of the draft ideas in my head. But hell, if you never do anything about it then it certainly isn’t attainable, so may as well give it some conscious thought and see what happens. Right?

  5. I really like your site, and enjoyed reading this post. I have just started out blogging, and you have offered great tips. I will be sure drop by again, Maria

    • I would never know you just started blogging by the look of your site. It’s great! Thank you for stopping by and for commenting. Nice to meet you Maria!

  6. You’re talking my language. For some reason, things like this have been on my mind a lot lately. Maybe it’s almost (technically) being in “mid-life”. But I keep thinking…I get one chance, this is it…make it good, no regrets!

  7. I love this! I think so many of us spend our time thinking about who/where we don’t want to be that it never occurs to us that we don’t have any idea of who/where we DO want to be :)

    (I have a notebook that I carry around to jot down all of my ideas… I try to glance through it every week or so for inspiration.)

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