Empty Trunk – Week 12 – Weight Loss

Empty Trunk – Week 12 – Weight Loss

I know this is a day late, but my mom is visiting and we raced out the door for the St. Patty’s Day Parade in Denver. I did go to Zumba yesterday also!  Woot!  The ladies in the Empty Trunk Facebook Group have really been terrific supports for keeping me accountable and encouraging me to go.

This was yet another week of complete unmotivation and poor choices.  The only thing I did right this week was go to Zumba yesterday – other than that, caffeine, carbs, alcohol, large portions, few fruits and veggies – the whole 9 yards of weight gaining choices.  And it showed.


  • Start – Dec. 20 – 70.5 lbs to lose
  • Week 10 – plus 2.8 = 62.6  lbs to lose
  • Total to date – minus 7.9

I am less glad to see the scale confirm my choices this week, but it is still encouraging because it means that when I make good choices it does make a difference.  I said I’d keep track of how my period affects my motivation and last week was PMS week, so I’m definitely seeing a correlation.  I’m not quite sure how to use that to my advantage, but am considering not scheduling lunches or dinners out during that week may help keep my overindulgence under control.   Any thoughts?

Empty Trunk Facebook Group

These folks have joined the Empty Trunk Facebook Support Group – commenting during the week on successes and temptations, etc.  Want to join us?  Go here.(That is the link to the site.  If it doesn’t allow you to ask to join, then email me or comment and I’ll figure it out.)

How did you do this week?

Any news to celebrate?  Progress to report? Tips to share?

Weekly Tip

Tip:   Pay attention to external triggers that cause you to make weight gaining choices.  Journal about your weight loss and write down what’s going on so that you can identify triggers.

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13 Responses to Empty Trunk – Week 12 – Weight Loss

  1. I writing to you from the aquarium in Chattanooga. I am happy to report that even with all of my school stress I managed to lose 2.4 lbs this week for a total loss of 10.6 lbs. I am riding my exercise bike religiously and making good food choices even when eating out, and the scale reflects that. Daria as you have told me keep keeping on, you will find your groove we are all pulling for you!!

  2. After recently using twitter I saw an @mominmanagement and thought I would take a look. What a coincidence – I was just about to restart my blog on my required weightloss! I only have 10lbs to loose, but am really struggling to stay of the chocolate and bread at present. When you are tired who want to peel veggies and eat fruit when a biscuit is just there. I will follow your progress from England!

  3. I don’t know how far you had to walk to your car yesterday but lord have mercy when we went back to the train it was from one end of the 16th St Mall to the other to get to a there. I’m sure if your walk was anything like ours you built up some muscle… Don’t forget to take that into acct when you are weighing yourself that you are toning up as you lose weight.

  4. I am happy to report a 5 lb weight loss making it a total of 10 down and 40 to go…I am also happy to see that when I make the right choices it shows..Although as before I did have 2 candy bars today..Really have to find something that curbs my desire for chocolate…I am really not a fan of dark chocolate have tried quite a few but still much rather have my milk chocolate..So tomorrow I will be on the elliptical for an extra 20 minutes…

    Starting Week 4 of the couch to 5k and made it through day 1 and so looking forward to doing day 2…I have to say that finishing today really pumped me up..

    Daria keep going to the Zumba I hope you are enjoying it..I know that doing that you do lose alot of calories with it..I know you will be able to get your motivation back just keep realizing the end results..

    • I am feeling much better the past few days (since I am no longer PMSing). I’m not hungry, food just doesn’t look appealing and my mood is much improved. It’s scary how much that affects my mood and appetite actually! Thanks for the encouragement Barb. Maybe since you don’t like the dark chocolate that much it will be a good chocolate to transition to? Else, try to find something that does the same thing – is extremely rich so just a small amount satisfies the craving. Maybe Dove milk chocolate pieces?

  5. Thanks Daria, when I go food shopping again, maybe I will try the Dove Milk Chocolate..I did try the Dove Dark and didn’t like it that much but maybe have one of each piece..Just 2 pieces one of each.
    Enjoy Zumba this week when you go..

  6. I meant to comment earlier in the week to wish you luck and success this week and next. It’s hard not to get down about a weight gain but the good news is that you know what caused it and what you have to do to get back on track. I find that I sometimes have setbacks during my PMS times so I’m extra cautious during that week about my eating. Carbs are a trigger for me so I keep an eye on how much I’m eating. I’m in Weight Watchers and one of the things they talk about are NSVs (non-scale victories). You mentioned you went to Zumba. Great. That’s a victory. You went out and got active. Victory! The other thing that helps me when I’ve had a gain is get back to tracking my food (I don’t know if you do this but it’s genius and probably something I’ll do even when I’m not in WW) and getting really religious about portions. I measure everything and it really helps me re-regulate what I’m putting in my mouth. Keep up the great work.

  7. I’m looking at your overall and your doing great! We all have our weeks with gains but the great thing is your starting a new week with a new number! :) Keep your head up and you’ll do fine!

    Sorry i’m just writing .. i’m catching up from Spring Break.

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