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Headway — The Drag & Drop Theme For WordPressThinking about blogging or switching themes and just haven’t had a good reason to do it yet?  Headway is a really easy drag and drog blog design system (that I am using on this page and on Saving to be Rich).  I LOVE it.  If you’ve been considering it at all, they are giving away a free blog set up for anyone that purchases it between now and Friday.  Here are the details:

One of our favorite guys is Johnny B. Truant, whose job in life is to make the internet awesome. One way he does this is by giving free stuff away. And not just crappy junk, either. The Good Stuff. Good stuff like this: Johnny will set up your blog for free if you purchase Headway.

You get:

  • Your blog set up

  • Plugins installed
  • Headway installed

All for free. If you have none of these things, Johnny’s got you covered. Just head on over here.

You can only get this free blog set up for a limited time: from the 15th to the 18th, which is only a few days. And you must get your hosting through Johnny too. Don’t wait or you’ll kick yourself. We’ll also have Johnny come kick you.


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