Drum Roll Please… Award Winners!

Drum Roll Please… Award Winners!

I was honored to be selected by Samantha @ A Spoonful of Sugar to receive this award.  I have really enjoyed getting to know Samantha better via the guest post she wrote for Mom in Management and also via the Empty Trunk Facebook Group.  She is incredibly supportive, has wise advice, and is as open and honest as they come.  If you don’t follow her, then go sign up!

As with all awards… there are always some rule and regulations that need to be followed.  The Stylish Blogger’s are:

  • Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
  • Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

7 Things About Me:

(Go here to see 7 others that didn’t make this list)

  1. I have had the same shoe size since 8th grade.  (size 10)
  2. I always procrastinate removing toe nail polish for some unknown reason.  And it drives me crazy every time I look at my feet.
  3. My birth plan was 4 pages long and included not being given drugs.  That idea was quickly squashed once labor was underway.
  4. My Myers Briggs type is INTJ.  No one ever believes the Introvert part – but it’s true.
  5. My dieting downfall is carbs, not sweets.
  6. I grew up in Daytona Beach, Fl.
  7. I was 14 when I had my first real kiss.

I gave an award to these 12 bloggers last year, so didn’t include them on this list for the Stylish Blogger Award, but they are all great and I highly recommend them too.

The 15 bloggers that I chose for this award are an amazing support group and a smart bunch of people.  They are real, engaged, and have big hearts.

  1. Carrey from One Girl Ideas
  2. Jennifer from Life with the Lebedas
  3. Scott from This Daddy’s Blog
  4. Allison from Alli-n-Son
  5. Blessing from Working Mom Journal
  6. Bruna from Bees with Honey
  7. Caryn from Living with Logan
  8. Gina from Special Happens
  9. Fiona from Bantering Blonde
  10. Lori from A Day in Motherhood
  11. Amanda from Parenting by Dummies
  12. Mandy from Mandyland
  13. Lynn from Maven of Savin’
  14. Heather from Mommy Only Has Two Hands
  15. Becka from Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mom

Congratulations!  Thank you for supporting me through this blogging adventure and for all your wise words.


5 Responses to Drum Roll Please… Award Winners!

  1. Daria…THANK YOU! Now for figuring out 7 things about myself that someone might actually want to know. LOL. I can tell you that I’m completely with you on the size 10 forever now and the carbs. Oh, the carbs. I. Love. Carbs. LOL. Thank you!!!!

  2. You are awesome! Thank You so much for thinking of me. I love this group you’ve started. I enjoy being part of it. Thanks for including me. Congrats on your award too!! :)

    • I am thrilled that you are part of our facebook Empty Trunk Group. I really like how everyone is supporting each other and interacting. Some great tips and ideas flowing!

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