13 Ways to Resist Chocolate Cravings  ~Empty Trunk – Week 13

13 Ways to Resist Chocolate Cravings ~Empty Trunk – Week 13


Trying a new format for these posts this week.  In the comments of the Empty Trunk Facebook Group, Barb asked for suggestions on alternatives to chocolate and how others resist its allure.  Before we get there though, this week was pretty good for me and I was glad Jessica joined me for Zumba this morning.  If you’re counting that’s 3 whole times I’ve been.


  • Start – Dec. 20 – 70.5 lbs to lose
  • Week 13 – minus 2.0 = 60.6  lbs to lose
  • Total to date – minus 9.9

In case you’re just joining us, here are my results since starting:

  • Week 1 – minus 0.5
  • Week 2 – minus 2.0
  • Week 3 – minus 0
  • Week 4 – minus 2.0
  • Week 5 – minus 0.5
  • Week 6 – minus 2.0
  • Week 7 – minus 1.0
  • Week 8 – plus 1.5
  • Week 9 – minus 5.0
  • Week 10 – minus 0.6
  • Week 11 – plus 1.2
  • Week 12 – plus 2.8
  • Week 13 – minus 2.0

So, back to Barb’s question…

What do you eat instead of Chocolate?

I asked the Mom in Management community (on twitter and facebook) and here were the responses:

  1. Jessica from That Free Thing – Extra gum makes Mint Chocolate gum. It’s good! I also just give into the cravings and have Skinny Cow 120 calorie ice cream bars.
  2. Dawn  from Flirting with Thirty –  Chocolate rice cakes!!!
  3. Darice from Grown Up For Real – I am in love with the 100 calorie chocolate covered pretzel by Hershey’s. #yum
  4. Michelle @MLIRobinson- Fruit! 0 points on Weight Watchers
  5. Our Mom Spot – Seedless grapes!
  6. Daria (that’s me!) – I eat one dark chocolate Hershey’s kiss and it satisfies the craving better than milk chocolate.
  7. Carrey from One Girls Ideas – Has anyone tried Fage total 2% Greek Yogurt with Honey? I picked some up at Target last night. 4 for $5. Just had some its awesome! Only 130 calories.
  8. Leah – Mint Chocolate Chip Gum by Extra – it is really good!
  9. Barb – I was given one suggestion oh Greek yogurt (plain) with chocolate protein powder they told me just like pudding
  10. Heather – A mix with almonds, dried cranberries and small chocolate chips
  11. Cynthia from The Geek Wife – If you like chocolate you ought to try Nutella, same taste less guilt.
  12. Samantha from A Spoonful of Sugar – ‎1 piece of dove dark chocolate.
  13. Jennifer from Life with the Lebedas - I try to just eat on piece a day so that i don’t feel deprived or i will binge out!

What is your tip for resisting those chocolate cravings?  Tell us in the comments!

Also, go ahead and join the ladies below in the Empty Trunk Facebook Group – don’t worry, it’s a closed group so your high school boyfriend can’t read any of your comments.  :)


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9 Responses to 13 Ways to Resist Chocolate Cravings ~Empty Trunk – Week 13

  1. Daria,
    Congrats on the 2.0 this week! Good job! I am down another 2.4 lbs this week, most of that from a horrible stomach virus not from eating well. That brings my total loss to 11.8 so far. I am happy with my progress, my school stress is killing me as I learned this week my original thesis did not pass committee and I have 5 more weeks to get it ready to try again before they will let me graduate. Talk about stress. So hopefully I can stay in track while managing my stress. We will see. Hope you all have a great week!

  2. 2.4 is your magic number lately! Sorry that you weren’t feeling well this week – that plus all of the stress can certainly take a toll. Fingers x’d on the committee! Maybe we can bribe them with chocolate. :)

  3. I started taking Tums for my calcium and discovered they taste just like sweet tarts! You can take 4-6 per day, though I tended to stay on the low end. So I’d have two after lunch and two after dinner, and it totally took care of my wanting a dessert craving. And I’ve never been better about getting calcium!

  4. First Congratulations Daria on your 2.0lb weight loss and going to Zumba..I hope you are feeling great this week after all your hard work..Next thanks so much for all of your help with my chocolate craving…This week was actually pretty good for me except for yesterday and today..Was away for the day and stopped by a bakery with my girlfriend and ended up getting a cinnamon bun and chocolate chip cookies..So since I can’t stop picking on the cookies I am throwing it away. Not thinking hubby still away and son out for the day and working today..Exercised really well last week 4 days..Finished my second time on week 4 of the Couch to 5k and going to be starting week5..I also like the idea of the tums..Good Luck with the rest of your week.

    • Thanks Barb!, but I gained 1.8 this week – I suppose the general trend is down, but I’m hoping to pick up the pace a little instead of these 2 steps forward 1 step back weeks. I’m very glad the chocolate tips helped! :)

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