Did you make the world better today?

Did you make the world better today?

One of the items on my to-be list and also referred to in my Living with Intention post, is that I want to actively make the world better.   This sounds like a lofty goal, and perhaps feels too grandiose to fit into an already over packed schedule.  But it doesn’t have to take a huge effort or a lot of time to make big changes in the world.

Today, I made a huge difference in a Peruvian woman’s life and it only took 5 minutes and $0.  How?

I made my 4th loan via Kiva.org.  Below is the e-mail I received today alerting me that enough money had been paid back from my previous three loans to enable a 4th opportunity to make a difference.

If you are looking for a worthy organization that gives a helping hand up for those motivated to improve their circumstances, I highly recommend you look into Kiva.org.

So, what did you do to change the world today?

5 Responses to Did you make the world better today?

  1. My dream is to earn a lot of money and a huge ammount on charity by helping other people. I think that acting in such a way I will manage to make the world better. The more we are together – the stronger we are!

  2. I am a huge fan of micro-enterprise lending and especially love projects that support women in emerging countries. My company does a lot of leadership and community building training of women entrepreneurs in Africa and India. It’s now been well-documented that by improving the status of women and girls, we can help improve the health and well-being of an entire community. Bravo for publicizing this great cause. I’ll definitely spread the word.

    • There are so many studies that show the correlation between empowering women and progress of nations. We are awesome! :) The Kiva.org program also has men that it lends to, but I have a soft spot for entreprenurial women so keep choosing women for my loans.

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