A Letter from Barack Obama….to ME!

A Letter from Barack Obama….to ME!

Not too long ago, I wrote about an innocent man being released from prison after 38 years.

I asked you to get involved:

Call to Action

I am not highly influential.  I don’t command the attention of thousands, or have the Governor’s ear.  But we, collectively, are influential.  We can change this and stop the killing.  We can save innocent people from death.  How?

And then provided a list of contacts for your representatives and other government officials.

Six weeks ago, I received replies from CO District 19 Senator Evie Hudak and from Congressman Ed Perlmutter.   My email and their responses can be read here.

Today, Barack Obama returned my e-mail.  

What are your thoughts after reading his response?  Do you think his response ranks up there with Senator Evie Hudak’s or is closer to Congressman Ed Perlmutter’s?  If you didn’t read them yet, my initial email and their respective responses can be found here.




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  1. I read both responses, and it just seems to me like they are both concerned about the death penalty. The truth is, this is one of those gray areas that the country still struggles with. Because, like Barack mentioned, the innocent doesn’t have be the one who suffers the ultimate penalty. While I agree that the death penalty does not reduce crime, what if the cancellation of the death penalty increases crime? What if? Like I said, its one of those areas that everyone struggles with. The Senator did mention that they have reduced the # of death penalties in the state which I think is the way to go….eliminating it permanently is not on the table from what I have read so far.

    Glad you are getting involved in the community and standing up for what is right. It is the only way to positively impact the society and promote responsibility in the community.

  2. I am very passionate about the death penalty issue. I believe that families of heinous crimes should be given closure. Some sort of peace after the violence inflicted on them. Will there be a moratorium on the death penalty? I do not know. I think that it is a balancing act in terms of weighing the rights of the victims’ families against that of the offender. Politics huh!

    P.s. Thanks for the follow from Twitter! New follower to your blog!

    • Hi Miriam,

      I agree that families deserve closure – but why can’t lifetime incarceration satisfy that? I hate the idea of our government killing innocent people and the statistics clearly demonstrate that the odds are it is happening.

      Also, do they deserve closure at the tune of $2 million dollars? Wouldn’t they be better served if that money were put into a college scholarship in their loved ones’ name to continue their legacy into future generations? Can’t we spin this a little and spend our funds on positive instead of vengeance? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

      I understand this is a hot button issue and am not wanting to say anything to make you defensive or feel like I’m attacking you in anyway. I just really enjoy passionate discussion of issues from both sides. It is invigorating and I always learn something from the responses.

      Thank you for joining us here! VERY glad to have you.

  3. Hi there: You did what everyone should do and that is call to awareness of a very important issue. The answers seemed more in the middle and a bit cautious. But your efforts were not in vain.
    P.S. I am a new follower to your blog! Thanks for following from twitter!
    P.s. Not sure if the prior comment was submitted.

  4. Thanks for your response Blessing. From what I’ve read, the death penalty does not reduce crime and states without the death penalty often have less (significantly) less violent crime than the states that do. I think part of it is cultural – not country or race cultural, but state cultural. Texas has an identity and culture that is distinct from that of California or Minnesota. To me it is more of the “get even” and “good ole boy” mentality, but that is just perception, not based on any facts. How do we change the mindset of the public if we don’t start with leading by example?

    The cost associated with the death penalty, the morality of killing, and the risk of killing an innocent make it a very clear decision in my mind. However, I agree with you that abolishing it is not on the table at this time. Regardless of whether I think it should be.

    Especially in this time of budget crunches, can’t we free up that one line item at least?

    I realize I am just venting at this point, but I’d really like to see more politicians take a stand and then justify it rather than trying to play both sides of the fence. That “spin” is really frustrating and feels patronizing to me.

    Anywho… I’ll get a Skype account this weekend. :)

  5. I’m sorry to say but Obama’s letter said nothing to me but I want to be reelected. The political rhetoric that “…this is serious but…we can all agree on…” just says nothing in the end. I’ve lost all faith in government and the “political process”. Some of it works – my kids are getting an education, sort of. But it is fundamentally corrupt and I’m quite concerned about the future. Something has to change dramatically and that change will come from outside the government, not inside it.

    • I agree completely Mim. It was a very politically spun letter that was designed to not ruffle anyone’s feathers. It certainly did not take a stand or do anything to identify a course of action or even an opinion on the topic. I was disgusted with the “spin” involved and to be honest don’t think for a minute it came from Obama. I’m sure some young staffers somewhere spent hours drafting these canned responses to all the “hot” button topics they may be contacted about. The only political response that I’ve gotten so far that made any stance was from State Senator Huvak. I have gained immense respect for her from her response to me and she gained a loyal vote merely by responding honestly and personally to my email.

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