A Beast, A Fairy, and A Mermaid – A Disney night to remember!

A Beast, A Fairy, and A Mermaid – A Disney night to remember!

Disney on Ice Presents Princess Classics

I was very excited when Ratna contacted me and told me I was the winner of her giveaway for a 4 pack of tickets to Disney on Ice’s opening night in Denver.   My husband and our two girls went to the performance this past Wednesday night.  True to Classic Disney form, it was magical!

Our Night

My husband picked me up from work dressed in a suit and tie.  Apparently, what princesses can go to a ball without a bodyguard/chauffeur?  MAJOR husband/daddy brownie points won right there, I promise.

He had also stopped by the Dollar Tree to pick up Princess accoutrements – tiaras, wands, glow in the dark necklaces, etc.  I am very glad he did as nearly every little girl attending was dolled up Princess style and to buy these items at the show itself would have seriously set our budget into a tailspin.  (A tiara was $12).

The Performance

The show itself was amazing with the costumes and acting being my favorite part.  My 3 year old literally sat on the edge of her seat during the entire 1.5 hour performance.

The performance was broken into two parts with a 15 minute intermission between acts. Prior to intermission, the following Disney classics were artfully performed with the crux of their respective stories being well conveyed through costuming and skating. 

  • Alladin with Princess Jasmin
  • Mulan
  • Snow White
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Sleeping Beauty

After intermission was dedicated to the story of Cinderella.

And of course what Disney performance would be complete without an appearance by Mickey and Minnie at Cinderella’s Ball?


The costumes and sets were truly impressive.  My favorites were the elephant during Alladin’s parade, the Octopus Witch during The Little Mermaid, and the glow in the dark display that so clearly demonstrated the coral reef under the sea.   Unfortunately, my pictures of these didn’t come out very well or I would share them.  I am still learning how to take inside pictures with my camera.

Although the costuming was amazing, there was plenty of excellent skating for those of you that can appreciate it.  Personally, they make it look so effortless that I’m sure a lot of the difficulty was lost on me.

I was very impressed by this performance and heard many comments from the audience that this was the best show they’ve been to all year.

My positives were many:

  • The performance was impressive.
  • Parking was free (which was a pleasant surprise).
  • The girls loved it.
  • Tickets are affordable.
  • The staff was professional and friendly.

My few cautions if you choose to go include:

  • The bathroom lines were loooong for the women’s room.  If at all possible, go before you arrive and don’t drink anything while you’re there – or bring Dad with you to take the kids into the men’s room.
  • Everyone seemed to arrive at the same time (6:30) for a 7:00pm start time.  Therefore the Coliseum exit was backed up pretty far on I-70.  We got off on Washington and worked our way around via side streets which worked out very well.  There was still a line into the parking lot which took about 15 minutes to park and get back to the entrance.
  • Stock up on princess paraphernalia prior to going, or be prepared to pay a premium.

Other than those few cautions (that are true of any similar venue), it is a MUST see and I highly recommend it.  The excitement and late night will tire your kiddos out, so be prepared for the little ones to fall asleep on the way home.

Overall, the performance started at 7:00 and we were in our car and driving home by 9 – which isn’t too late, even for a school night.

My family is so grateful to Ratna @ www.getcluedincolorado.com and Feld Inc. for the tickets to attend this event.

Here is the information on pricing and where to get tickets:

www.Ticketmaster.com/DisneyOnIceDenver.Thursday, March 31 at 7:00PMFriday, April 1 at 11:00AM & 7:00PMSaturday, April 2 at 11:00 AM, 3:00 PM & 7:00 PMSunday, April 3 at 11:00 AM, 3:00 PM & (7:00 PM Spanish)  Additionally, you can call Ticketmaster at 1-800-745-3000.
$72.50 VIP Front Row, $42.50 VIP, $26.50, $20.50, $15.50

photo copyright of Feld Entertainment & Disney- all rights reserved



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