You Can Do That?

You Can Do That?

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Lessons from a First Grade Class

I volunteered in my son’s first grade classroom this morning.   As part of the literacy program, his teacher asked me to take groups of students – 4 to 6 at a time – into another room and read a book with them.  Before we started reading, one of the little girls asked me:

Girl “Did Tevan really go to Florida?”

Me “Yes.”

Girl “By himself?”

Me “My parents met him at the airport, but yes he flew by himself.”

Girl “You can do that?” with this astonished look on her face.

It made me think about all the ways we limit ourselves simply because we don’t even realize there are options.

A woman in many parts of the world would probably have the same reaction to hearing that Hillary Clinton ran for President of our country.

“You can do that?”

Children around the globe and even in this country may react similarly to hearing that we threw out food because we didn’t like it or were full.

“You can do that?”

How many thousands of  people would look at us in wonder if we told them of an article we wrote criticizing our government.

“You can do that?”

What about children that are being raised by a drug addicted mother, they can’t read but are passed anyway because the teachers don’t want to deal with them and someone brings up going to college with them.

“You can do that?”

An abused woman with four children that cringes when her husband comes home because she knows he will beat her, but she never graduated high school and has no family.  Leave him and still be able to take care of her kids?

“You can do that?”

What about the middle class, college educated woman that makes a good salary, has good benefits, is respected in her field, but isn’t passionate about going to work.  Quit your job, move into a smaller house, and eat at home more often, but be happy?

“You can do that?”

What is it for you?

What makes you pause and wonder…You can do that?

9 Responses to You Can Do That?

  1. Spend your days watching Jerry Springer?
    -You can do that?!?

    Master the art of handling a manipulative teenage girl.
    -You can do that?!?

    Spend every other weekend with no kids to focus on yourself and your husband?
    -Yes, I can do that!

  2. Great post, Daria. I’m pretty impressed with letting your first graded travel by himself too. I hope I am that good at letting go when my little girl is that age!

    And you know what I think about that last one. Yes, you CAN do that!

    • I wrote that last one with you in mind Jen! :) It is pretty easy to do the unaccompanied minor thing – it has to be a direct flight and we walk him to the airplane and my parents meet him on the other end. They give us special passes through security so we can be with them before they board and when they arrive.

      And the whole tweet button is giving me problems – I haven’t figured out the plug in that I want for after the post yet…. since the two I tried were’nt working well. (interfered with photos and other programming issues). Any suggestions on a good plugin?

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