Spring is the season for planning.  How do I know?

My mailbox gets full.  We receive graduation announcements for all the cousins finishing school in May, save the date cards for birthday parties and wedding anniversaries, bridal shower invitations for all those June weddings, and even a couple of we are moving announcements since it seems most people plan their house sales around the kids’ school year.

I love that we have something in our mail besides bills!  And it’s fun to see how quickly our (I’m using the term loosely), social calendar fills up.

But what do I have to announce every year?  SNEEZING Season!  Somehow I don’t think people would be as happy to receive my “Please join me for a sneezing party” invitation as some of the other options.

It’s annoying too, because Spring is my favorite time of year, but it seems like a lot of the things that I love about Spring bring pollen with them.

Besides sneezing, for me, Spring is all about optimism – Mother Earth starts to wake up from her winter slumber, flowers start to peek their heads up and brighten the landscape, and baby birds and bunnies start to emerge in our backyard.

Spring is also when outdoor sports start up again (at least in Colorado).  Baseball – both little league and the Rockies start to have their games.  The temperature warms up so the kids get to play outside and the bikes and outdoor toys get dusted off.

The garden that we start to plan now by selecting seeds and starting them indoors so they are ready to go when the threat of snow is over.   The vacations we start to plan for when the kids are out of school, but the reservations and arrangements need to be made now.  The fishing trips and camping trips we start to think about so we take inventory of tents and sleeping bags and fishing poles and what needs to be repaired or replaced.  The daily inspection of our yard to find new flowers that have emerged, or new buds on  the Charlie Brown trees we planted last year.

After all that – what am I announcing?

Please join me for…

  • A sneezing party! – Or if that isn’t appealing, then…
  • A BBQ to show off our new house.  Um, and no, I didn’t send out we have moved notices.  Consider this it!
  • A celebration to welcome our new dog – Bruno.  As you can see from the picture, he’s very patient with Chloe’s demands he play with her…
  • Any Under 9 or Under 7 soccer game running Saturdays from now until May aka Jaeda & Tevan’s teams.
  • Any of Tevan’s or Jaeda’s baseball games (yes, Jaeda is playing baseball not softball – topic of another post).
  • A Rockie’s game – GO Rocks!
  • Feel like throwing a fishing pole into Standley Lake?  Our poles are primed and licenses bought!
  • Camping trip?  We are looking for family and budget friendly activities this summer – camping is high on the list!
  • How about moving some dirt with us?  We are tackling our (again term loosely used) front yard.  Beer and brats will be provided.
  • A painting party?  The entire house needs painting – inside and out.  Beer and brats, I promise!
  • A “What can I do with all this zucchini?” party.  Because one plant alone makes more than our family will eat!

That’s about all I’ve managed to dream up so far this Spring, but the season is just beginning, so I’ll take my anti-sneezing meds and start getting some dates set.

What are you up to this season?  Any great announcements/plans to make?

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