Empty the Junk from the Trunk

Empty the Junk from the Trunk

I have put actively trying to make better food and exercise choices on hold the past two weeks due to some stressful things going on.  Ultimately what it’s come down to is that I didn’t think now was the time to stop drinking wine!   But, even with my really poor choices, I’ve dropped a smidge and summer doesn’t wait on anyone’s personal life, so I’d better get back to it if I want to wear a bathing suit anytime in 2011.

  • Week 1 – minus 0.5
  • Week 2 – minus 2.0
  • Week 3 – minus 0
  • Week 4 – minus 2.0
  • Week 5 – minus 0.5
  • Week 6 – minus 2.0
  • Week 7 – minus 1.0
  • Week 8 – plus 1.5
  • Week 9 – minus 5.0
  • Week 10 – minus 0.6
  • Week 11 – plus 1.2
  • Week 12 – plus 2.8
  • Week 13 – minus 2.0
  • Week 14 – plus 1.8
  • Week 16 – minus 0.6

Total Progress – minus 8.7

Left to go – minus 61.8

Most of weight loss encouragement has been reinforced and expanded upon in the Empty Trunk Facebook Group – join us!  Don’t worry, it’s a closed group so your high school boyfriend can’t read any of your comments.  Many of the women in the group are using the Couch to 5K program and are loving it!  I personally have always hated to run, but luuuuv the results on my body from running.

Barb says that she has always felt the same way, but the easy ramp up and structured training plan from the couch to 5K program has actually made running fun for her!  I am still skeptical, but she and Jennifer (Jenerally Speaking) are starting to convince me to try.  Especially with the nice weather starting to call my name!

What exercise have you always dreaded that you are finding you like now that you’re actively trying to get more fit?

Weekly tip: Check out the Couch to 5K program and if you start it, invest in the $2.99 app for your phone which helps tell you when to jog, when to walk, what days are your training days etc.  It can also be loaded onto your iPod.

By the way, totally unrelated, but I recently received a Pirate party pack from Party City to review and it is AMAZING!  The pirate chest above reminded me.

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  1. Hey all. Daria congrats on the losses so far. I too am losing about .6 a week now, for a total loss of 14.4 lbs. I am struggling with that because I would like to see more coming off. I had a LONG discussion yesterday with an old friend who is an exercise physiologist and he is sending me some new exercises and intervals for my bike that will help me burn calories longer/faster that should increase that number each week. We also had a long talk about food. It never hurts to get a second opinion. I am hoping this helps. The bike has been amazing for me. Like I posted on FB in Jan 2011 I could barely walk for 15 minutes and now I am riding 8.5 miles each time a total of 30 or more miles a week and loving it! I would love to swim another favorite but no access to a pool. Hope you all have a great week!

  2. You are doing so well, cyn! I’d love to hear what your friend said, maybe share in the FB group? none of us are experts, so any insight is welcome!

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