Women and Social Media Series – Week 5

Women and Social Media Series – Week 5

I just love the dialogue and ideas that develop when you get bright women together and start a conversation.  The blogging version of this seems to be a Series.

I got to kick off a 7 part exploration on Women and Social Media that was inspired and organized by Margie Clayman.   This is Week 5 of the 7 Part Series and today’s post is:

Topic:  How Men and Women Respond to Social Media

By: Jill Manty of Manty Web Designs

I have to admit that I haven’t read Jill’s post yet because I am in France (yippee!) and scheduled this before I left – but I will definitely be reading when I get back!

If you haven’t caught the first 4 posts, here they are:

Week 1: A Glass Ceiling in Social Media? By Daria Giron, aka @mominmanagement – that’s me!

Week 2: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Oh My! Baby Boomer Women Transition Careers Through Social Media, by Chanelle Schneider aka @writerchanelle

Week 3: On Facebook, Women Just Want to Have Fun. by Heidi Cohen, aka @heidicohen

Week 4: Women and Social Media: Supporting Others by Amber Cleveland

Don’t miss the 7 part series on Executive Image that’s already been posted too!

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