Staying Fit While Traveling – Empty Trunk

Staying Fit While Traveling – Empty Trunk

It’s Saturday, but I’m in France for a week, so am not home for the weekly weigh-in.  I know I recommitted to getting into shape in last week’s post, but I’m sure I am drinking wine and eating brie right now.  And if I’m not?  What is wrong with me?!?

Here’s the deal.  Life is for living and yes, getting fit and making healthy food choices should be a priority.  However, the last time I was in France was almost 14 years ago!  Yikes, time flies!

If I gain a few pounds on this trip, then I have plenty of time to get rid of it.  I don’t want my memories of France to include looking longingly at the window of a French bakery and saying – No, I shouldn’t – I may gain 1/2 a pound.

Although I don’t intend to be overly careful, there are some things I can do to try to minimize the damage.  Here is my plan:

  • Bring a water bottle with me so I have the option of drinking water while playing tourist.
  • Bring sneakers and a bathing suit (scary thought) in case there is a gym or pool where we are staying.
  • Plan on walking a lot instead of taking the train or cabs.
  • Trying food doesn’t mean gorging on it – so be aware of my portions.  So that it doesn’t feel limiting, my self talk will be that if I have a little of everything I get to try more things before getting full.  This picking seems to help me not over indulge.
  • We are staying in an apartment, so I will buy some apples and other healthy snacks for down time at “home”.
  • Finally – I am going to enjoy! And will see you back here – same time, same place – next week.

What are your tips for staying fit when traveling?


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  1. I am soooooo jealous but I hope you are having a wonderful time!!!!! I bet France is an amazing place! Well I expected a gain this week and I got one. My first since beginning this in January. I threw my back out a week ago which meant NO exercise. I also am stressed to the hilt trying to finish the last 2 weeks of my Master’s program, refining my thesis. UGH! So with the stress & the back I gained 1.6 lbs today bringing my total loss back to 12.8 lbs. Oh well next week is a new week right?

  2. Have fun in France! It’s been about 15 years since I’ve been there myself. I agree, life is too short – enjoy France for all it has to offer but don’t over do it. Good strategy! You know you will do tons of walking, you’ll be fine. :)

  3. Enjoy it all and don’t think too much… You have good, healthy, habits, that wins the day in the long run, don’t over think it. We were on our honeymoon in France 14 years ago and we just decided this weekend to take the kids this summer to London & France! Did you have a great time?! Do tell!!! Safe travels, Brian.

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